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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Since the hands of time school bullying has been a problem in the school system, recently adding a new layer due to the advances of technology, innovations that challenge the whole infrastructure of educational purpose. Precomputers and cell phones, bullying could only be classified as physical or psychologically abuse on someone that could only be inflicted by face to face contact. Now in today technology age forms a new way of bullying without actually being in the same room or even knowing the individual.

Bullying use to consist of physical beating or embarrassment like putting a kid in the garbage can but technology, created to further enhance the mind, became another distraction for the mind because bullying can be done from a distance you dont even have to be in the same state or even know the person which makes it more difficult on the victim. Every pro has a con and in this case a major one, this method of bullying may be more traumatizing so I will compare and contrast the two types of bullying.

This paper will make you decide what side is worse and will show you the comparison but after reading you should want to put a stop to bullying. First, lets start with physical bullying because of the fact it was the first form of it. In past years, bullying consisted on the size and popularity of someone being less than the so called cool crowd. As time progress formed the mental aspect of bullying, which I feel is more detrimental. My mind is the actual driving for my body that controls our way of living, lower the self-esteem of an individual actually hurts more than any physical blow you could muster up.

The progression of using the mental aspect of bullying became more popular because children subconsciously know what hurt more and prey on it. Cyber bulling is usually done by someone who is jealous of another and wants to embarrass them this form is mostly used in high school. Posting embarrassing pictures or videos on social network is common example this is so affective because everyone has a Facebook or twitter in todays society so more eyes see it making it harder for the victim to overcome it.

Secondly, although physical bullying is very harmful its also less abusive than cyber bullying because of a number of reasons; first off, with physical bullying you know of your actual bully enforcing the problem. With that information you could eventually take a stand and take of the problem yourself or ask for assistance from your guidance teacher or someone with authority. Also physical bullying and physiological bullying pretechnology didnt in my opinion last too long. The time frame didnt last long because before the bully usually bullied multiple people kind of taking the pressure off of you faster than just one individual.

All emotions have a time limit in which time could only heal, so physical and mental wounds healed faster pretechnology than it do today. Traditional bullying has to be stopped because some kids are afraid to go to school because of the physical bullying this consist of taking lunch money, tripping or pushing in the hall or into lockers, knocking buts down to cause embarrassment even teasing people because of their weight or clothes is a form of traditional bullying and believe it or not traditional bullying affects the rates of students not graduating because they are fed up and cant take it no more so they drop out of school.

Finally, the most interesting fact of traditional bullying is why they do it. Statistics say most people who bully people have or are being bullied in their life. This interesting because if a person knows how that makes another human feel why they would force the hurt and miserable life on others. Bullies also bully because of problems at home like child abuse so they take it out on other peers. Stress can also cause people to bully because they so filled up with anger and having no one to talk to the result to bullying.

Physical bullying is not only in schools it also at jobs to but no matter where you can find it at it needs to be a stop to it because it makes people miserable. Basically all traditional bullying problems are within the bully it has to do with their emotion they release on others. Physical bullying is more painful and life threating then cyber bullying and it also builds a sense a fear because they know the actual person bullying them, this can have a tremendous affect in people life because it lowers self-esteem.

These are reason why traditional bullying is still affective if authorities use this to get to the bottom of bullying it can be decreased or even voided but being that our world is so advanced the bullying we should be worried about is cyber bullying which is more common because of technology. Cyber bullying has taken away some of the toughness of bullying because now you could do it from miles or even country spans away.

Technology really up the antics making it more widespread than ever, with cell phones, tablets, and lap top along with the allegiance of social networking a rumor spread like a virus in its effect. A simple text became a new viral experiment that went wrong once adolescent got their hands on it. Same agenda chasing popularity and fame, but lost the ability to challenge someone face to face is one of the scariest evolvements of technology. Now you, in most cases, dont even know whos bullying you making it harder to pin point the problem in which it started.

Cyber bullying is still a form of bullying but its just the mental aspect either way the victim still feels the pain. Internet bullying causes low self-esteem, emotion distress, and total embarrassment where as traditional bullying can cause emotional problems but is mostly physical pain more of the punching and physical contact end. Cyber bullying will get worse before it get better, new policies are in place but do little to change the outcome which come to the conclusion that cyber is nowhere near its peak.

Internet bullying has taken away from the physical aspect but the emotional aspect of cyber bullying is far worse. Since technology is the face of the world so cyber bullying is so powerful rumors, gossips, and pictures can be uploaded on the web in seconds. There is several reports some are local about high schools uploading a naked picture of a girl on Facebook or sending to phone to phone in high school and this can lead to horrible emotions or dropping out of school do to humiliation.

Even bigger all over the news a Rutgers University student committed suicide because of cyber bullying. He was secretly filmed kissing another male and his roommate puts the video on twitter with the caption just found out my roommate is gay. This was obviously something the student wasnt ready to tell the world so with built up emotions he jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Clementi death bought national and international issue to cyber bullying and the struggles its facing.

But it shouldnt take death of a student to realize the degree of cyber bullying its pros and cons to both types of bullying I just feel cyber bullying is worse because of the generation we live in today and technology is so powerful in seconds the world can see what someone uploaded on the web. Finally, the most important fact of cyber bullying is the reason why they do it because it can be ended if we address it. These reason differ from physical bullying because it to different types of bullying.

Cyber bullying comes from people who are jealous of your lifestyle and want to ruin it because their life isnt as well as yours. Cyber bullying is also triggered by peer pressure they want to be cool and do what everyone else is doing but maybe if people put themselves in the victim shoes they wouldnt do it. The most common one is from teenagers and their peers they take cyber bullying as a joke or for fun and they also think they will earn respect but who would or should respect anybody who lessens someone as a person.

No matter what end of the bullying your child is on, you need to make sure that you are doing your part to prevent and stop this because bullying is a serious matter. Even though the two types of bullying have pros and cons the different types of bullying cause different types of insecurities to others but they all are tremendous and all are major and its up to peers, adults, and society to stop bullying. Bullying builds character like nuclear waste creates superheroes. Its a rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment.

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