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Published: 2020-01-16 10:41:24
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It was one sunny hot afternoon, when First Nation people gather and tried to observe for buffalo. They are thinking of strategies and steps on how they would kill for it. I even saw that they used a telescope in order to watch and look in a clear view. I heard conversation in which everyone was giving an opinion on what they saw. Kicking Bird and his troupe decided to buffalo hunt.

Hunting is a big part for First Nation people. It is a ritual doing or a tradition. It is an ancient and time-honoured tradition, which helps us stay in touch with our roots. It also allows us to experience the link between men and animal in an intimate way, and to procure our food more directly .They hunts to live, and live to hunt.

Later on, they went back to their places and tell the community that they will go for buffalo hunting. I had seen that their families are very supportive and happy. While the hunters are getting ready, everyone was excited and was not able to hide the feelings on how hunting is important in their tradition.

They all started to gather all their weapons used for hunting. I have witness how their family and friends gave them the courage, strength and prayers that they needed. The yelling and loud voices of the people made me feel alive. The hunters started to leave with a passion in their heart on what result may it be.

While on the way to/

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