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BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke Group) is a one of the leading luxury carmakers European automobile industry. BMW was founded on March 7th 1916 by Franz Popp and Max Friz. BMW started out by making airplane engines for German army up until the end of WWI in 1918. BMW in this report will look at BMWs position in the European automobile industry and it will also analyse the marketing mix, Trends and issues in the industry. BMW based in the German state of Bavaria. BMW is creating and distributing a series of successful, premium-priced passenger cars and motorcycle. In 1928 BMW purchased their first car factory at Eisenach/Thuringia and with it, the license to build a small car call, Dixi. Also provides financial service to support worldwide sales and distribution of cars and motorcycles. In 2008 the company sold 1.2 million automobiles under its largest brand-the BMW. Trends and issue in the Industry:

My S.W.O.T analysis will define each of the Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) Companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


BMW group has luxury brands ranges MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW its very popular car so its strengths of BMW. BMW current positions in market are very repudiated and loyal so company turnover and trading profit growth are also high. BMW is a reliable brand. BMW has a new technology and worlds leading premium quality of automobile manufacturer so its create good reputation of all the customer and company profit are high. BMW is a brand so everyone know that what is BMW so its good to launch a new product on market and earn to profit.


BMW is brand so its know as a leading automobile company and very high prices so normal person has a perception that BMW prices are always high so they can affordable so its one of the BMW weaknesses. BMW are luxury cars manufacturer so its middle class people not affordable so this one also BMW weakness.


BMW image in market its good so if the new product launch its good for earning money and increase sales. BMW customer care service are good so if
there any customer need any help and improved a cars so its will be consider to new other cars and launch it. BMW release a Miniseries car its successful in Europe and the US market so BMW continue with this success they offering a diesel version to be released and its really helpful to BMWs profile and brand value. So its good opportunity to release this model to other country. BMW Economy is growing by 2007 2.75 to 3.75 percent and then 2008 and 2009 its 2.5 to 3 percent so its mean more people purchasing BMWs so its good opportunities to cover the uk and other market.


BMW most of the model are oil and current condition are oil prices going high and high so its really one threats for the BMW so maybe they have to launch a Diesel model more than oil car model. Current situation and globalize market governments policies always changes so its one of the threats for BMW to due a tax rate and import and export his car model etc. BMW has to always know the current political issues and new legal polices so if the interest going high so its will directly effect to BMW cars.



In this time budget, Gordon Brown penalize drivers of the eco-friendly cars. In budged he announced that heavy polluting cars would be higher rate of road tax £210 a year. So its means BMW has to improved his car petrol engine so its performed longer as well as last longer life value. BMW has to always careful about launching new cars and give the proper safety equipments on it. For example BMW manufacture one of their car without any airbags that could be illegal so its they always checked all the cars and awarded that safe of the car.


If the interest rate going high its really effect to BMW and other company of sales and profit, its means that if the rate going high customer not buying a new cars and not investing any money. So that why BMW decrease the cars price and so not good for the BMW. Currents interest rate is 0.5% so its good for the customers to buy new cars. One of the most important point is unemployment, currents situation still many sector reseation period most of the people not doing any job so they not buy any luxury cars and any other item so its not good for BMW.


In current market day by day new fashion and life style will be change so its really hard to manage the customer need and what they wants so BMW always care of this which of the product customer really needs and market demand. Population also effect the BMW sales market, if the family size reducing that means they just saving a money and not buying any luxury cars and item so BMW has to control his model price and also look the customer needs.


Technologies are more important factor to currents situation for BMW because all the other competitors using a new technology to give a better performance against to other company. And they improved the cars to new materials and developments. If the technologies will be increase its means BMW also promote his model through internet and other media so its really helpful increase sales and profit.

Porters Five Forces Analysis

Threats of new entry :

In new company entering an automotive market a massive amount of capital is required. In automobile industry BMW brands are very loyal so any new customer trust to this company and buy a new car. But a new company launch in an automobile industry its really hard to manage customer and they needs.

Power of buyers :

In automobile industry most of the time prices are fixed. In this industry individual buyers are less power but a large buyer have a bargaining power to lower price level. BMW always buy a bulk not a single to its really help to buyers power.

Power of suppliers :

In BMW, powers of suppliers are low because of the high production. If the BMW switching the suppliers then it will be suppliers power will be high so automobile industry everyone doing a good relation to the suppliers so that the powers of suppliers are low and production of the company going high.

Competitive rivalry :

In automobile industry competitive rivalry is very high. Strong advertising and promotion brand make a different to the product. Its really easy to buy a new product to customer but its really hard to buy a suitable and good quality product.


Substitution are really affect the BMW sales because of the high price of model customer choose the same cars but a low prize on other company etc. Audi TT, Mercedes CLK who fulfill customer need.

Marketing Objective

BMW never publish its aim and objective because of the competition. But in my research I can find some statement the main aim would be:
BMW increase sales growth in all criteria
Profit maximization
Growth into new market
Meeting stakeholder needs
Increase Sales Growth in all aspects of BMW
Sales increase from 1.4million to 2 million by 2020.
Motorbike sales increase from 100,000 to 150,000 by 2012
To raise its production capacity in China to 41,000 cars per year.
Profit Maximization
Increase efficiency by 3.3% in the production of cars
Costs savings of £1.6bn by 2012 without cutting jobs.
Profit margins from BMWs automotive operations should exceed 8% by 2012, up from 6.3% in 2006, Growth into new markets
Research in to new markets
Meeting stakeholders needs
BMWs share price has been slipping in recent months, so investors want it to find economies of scale and cut costs Cut average emissions by 25% by the end of 2008, in line with a voluntary industry agreement struck in 1998.

BMW has to improved sales and profit to consider this topic and work on it. Marketing strategy


BMW have to identify specific characteristics to improve the segmentation area. In this segmentation BMW has to look at this geographic, demographic, behavioral, and socioeconomic. Market segmentation provides guidelines for company to develop new marketing strategy and diverse product market. BMW three brands BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce clearly focuses on international market.


In geographical segmentation divided on district, country, village, state, regions. BMW has to choose one particular geographic sector and concentrate on them. Because of the company launce a new product in new area its really hard to increase the demand but its easy to sale on old sector. So BMW will have to chances of generating profit and gaining market share in specific market. Geographically, BMW main markets are Europe and North America both are heavily manufacturing and residents are situated to buy upper market.


In this demographics segmentation divide the market into personal characteristics such as: age and family life cycle, Gender and income, race, nationality and generation also include. So BMW has to target to particular market to sell their products. Demographics segmentation is the easiest way to measure the market. Age and family life cycle: customer needs always change to grow and his life style status change so its company has to decide which product are better for particular age and their life style. Gender: BMW has to always include this point to launch a new product because of the particular area and gender its really help to BMW to increase the sale.


BMW using a particular target specific automobile market, it means different people and BMW give the different cars sector so its really help to customer find a his needs and budget cars. BMW divided the different section of the cars to customer demand. Sports convertible (Z3, 3 series and Z4), Executive (3 series, 5 series) super executive (7 series), Touring/Estate (3 series, 5 series), Grand Tourers (Z5), Super sports (M series) and 4X4 (X5). This all model BMW launce a different sector and customer needs.


BMW image has a very high to luxury cars, performance, technologically advanced, good quality this are the main factor, so BMW has a good positioning in automobile industry. Its good for the BMW because of the new company launch a same cars and cheap price but never effect to BMW sales. BMW compete to Mercedes, jaguar, Audi, Lexus so its really difficult to manage cars quality and marketing strategy. The positioning of the companies and their brands has been build up over many year sales and customer satisfaction.

Evaluate and Marketing Mix

Marketing mix under for heading often referred to as the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Promotions and Place. Marketing mix is really good important elements of a company plan. So BMW has to consider this point in to his strategy.

Product :

The Most important elements in the marketing mix is company product, because this provides the useful to know customer requirements. BMW have to develop their product into the brand that helps to create a good position on customer mind. If the BMW brand are superiority leads its help to high sales, and give the BMW power the premium price. BMW products are very high performance, technologically advanced and luxuries. This will be start middle to prestigious card.

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