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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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There are 5 million blind people in the whole world. And China is taking the first place of this problem. China accounts about 18% of blind people. Most of them cant live independent; they all need someones help. Also we can know that 90% of blind people are living in modern cities. For example: Beijing (capital), Shanghai and etc. Тhe total number of blind people in China at any given time expressed as a percentage of the total population ” is around 0. 4%. According to the facts from internet, the countrys ever-increasing blind population has already exceed the total population in such countries as Denmark, Finland or Norway.

In the whole world main problem ob blindness is cataract. Because of only the cataract blindness accounts 2. 5 million people in the world. Each year about 400,000 people become blind in one moment because of it. Cataract predominantly a disease associated with ageing. According to the famous Chinese websites, we can know that the reason of blindness in China not only cataract but also it include cornea diseases, trachoma, glaucoma. I took some interviews from 2 Chinese people. When I talked to my Chinese teacher from high school I was pretty surprised. First she told me about problems of blind people.

It started past years ago, when with time there are more and more blind people was with the same objects to government. Chinese population doesnt respect blind people. They are behaving to them very bad. Population doesnt see any personality in them. They are acting to blind people like to animals. And every time peoples words were such a: Blind people-they are not independent, they cant help to our country. They cant do anything. They are not useful for China. So in my mind first thought was government in China need people only for useful thing? Its so selfish and not correct.

I think everyone will agree with me. Nowadays theres so many ways to cure blind people. According to the facts from the Internet 80% of blindness possible to cure. It was many accidents when even young people didnt help to blind old person. And with years there are more and more problems. How my teacher said government first didnt take it such a big problem, but with time when there are more people with objects and arguments to them, they started to pay more attention to blind people. In 2011 many of them were really angry to the government. Hundred blind people want government to

allow them come with dogs to public places. Because how I said before they all need help. They thought if they cant come with dogs, they couldnt even come inside of any places. Some of them cant do it only with walking stick or every time hope to theirs hearing. And till now they are trying to get an access for that. Only part of public places allowed them come with dogs. But they are also good people who are trying to make blind peoples life easier. For example my guardians Chinese friend said that, one Chinese scientist developed a cheap e-notebook for blind people.

He told me only that information, without any details, so I searched in Internet more about that e-notebook. The e-notebook, called B-Notes, allows people to take notes or memos using Braille or by recording speech. It is similar in size to a mobile phone. B-Notes makes use of technologies developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), including translation software. Prototype e-notebooks were trialed on ten blind people last month. Wang Xiangdong, technical leader of the ICT team that developed the device, says that Braille can be conveniently input using a panel on the e-notebook.

And when [B-Notes is] connected to a computer, the Braille-Chinese translation software can be used to convert Braille into Chinese characters automatically, he says. Currently, there are almost 39 million blind people in the world, according to the WHO. And according to the China Disabled Persons Federation, there are more than 12 million visually disabled people in China. Wang said that the basic technological research for the e-notebooks has been completed and they are expected to be available in China later this year at a cost of 500 to 800 RMB.

The e-notebook has three main features. First is the Braille input. The e-notebooks input panel has an array of mini keys that allows users to type. Second is the intelligent translation system, which is up to 95 per cent accurate. When the e-notebook is connected to a computer, pre-installed software moves all Braille in the device over to the computer and translates it into Chinese characters. Third, the e-notebook has a voice interface. There are voice prompts to guide users through the devices various operations.

Currently, the notebook can only translate Chinese Braille to Chinese characters. But Wang says that if other countries express an interest in the device, it will be possible to produce e-notebooks that translate other versions of Braille into other languages. The blind people who tested the prototype notebooks told developers that they found them portable and easy to use. According to WHO website The goal of the Chinese Ministry of Health over the coming years is to reduce the prevalence of blindness in the country to less than 0.

3%, i. e. almost by half. And it really makes happy that, government paying more attention to blind people nowadays. How I read with every year they are opening more school for blind people. Also it is increasing accounts of hospitals where people can help to this nondependent people and make theirs life easier. They were some accidents when some of them cured of blind. Also I heard that most professional people who are doing massage all are blind. China has some hospitals with this course. Where they are teaching them.

In my opinion, they have to pay more attention to blind people. And give them more good conditions. Make rules that everyone should respect each other, especially blind people. Government should ask them what they need, what help they want from government. China should open more clinics and hospitals for poor people. Who cant pay to theirs treatment. They also need help from others. They should allow to blind people come with dogs in public places. And I can make conclusion from all of it that government should heed to them.

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