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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Describe the environment seen at the start of the movie. (It is based in Los Angeles. How does this scene differ from the images of Los Angeles we all know? What is the dominant color used here?) The dominant colour is black which shows that bad things could potentially happen later on in the film which has a lot of smoke and depicks the city as a misty place.

What does the opening shot suggest about the environment of earth in 2019? The opening shot suggests that the environmental side of earth has progressively gotten worse and

Section 1 Study Questions

1. What is an Android? An artificial form of life that looks identical to humans and acts like a normal person

2. Why were the first androids developed? To discover space

3. What physical capabilities did they have that were superior to humans? Strength, agility

4. What life span was built into androids by the Tyrell Corporation? The life span of the replicants was 4 years 5. What would happen to Androids if they were caught returning to earth? They would be retired on sight 6. What is a Blade Runner and how could they recognise Androids who look and act very much like humans? A blade runner is someone that kills androids/replicants , they use a response test.

Section 2. Study questions

1) What crime did the replicants commit? The replicants killed everyone on the shuttle bringing them back to earth

2) How does Bryant know they reached Earth? Because one of the replicants got fryed by the defence of the tyrell corperation

3) Why did they try to break into the Tyrell Corporation? To find a program code to live longer then the 4 years

4) What is the purpose of the Voigt-Kampff test? To identify the replicant

5) What does Bryant mean when he says Zhora is both beauty and the beast? Because she was good looking but she was deadly

6) Why does he call replicants skin jobs? To not consider him human

7) Do replicants have emotions? Why is this a problem? Yes and this makes the non replicants feel compassion, replicants want a better life

8) A fail-safe device is a sort of security system. Why is the replicants four-year life span a sort of security system? They will eventully would die off if thinks go bad, only 4 years of problems.

Extension Study Questions.

1) How can replicants be more human than human? What does this mean?

Roy saves deckards life when a human wouldnt

2) What is the replicants strange obsession? There memories

3) Why does giving replicants a past make them easier to control? Because they can be controlled by there emotions

Why is Deckard shocked that the Tyrell corporation has given replicants memories? Because he felt that there was no need and it makes them seem human and anyone can be human

1. What is wrong with J.F. Sabastians genes? How are the replicants and J.F.s conditions similar?

2. Why is it significant that Roy wins the game of chess? The created has outsmarted the creator

3. Why is the statement Thats a little out of my jurisdiction? by Tyrell ironic?

4. How is the story of the prodigal son changed here? What is the significance? He had a soul and he forgave decka for killing the replicants.

5. Why does Roy put a nail through his hand? What does it symbolize? To show that he feels pain, replicants are like human

6. What does the bird flying away suggest? Roy expired and he is going to heaven, he has a soul

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