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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Undeniably, the book America and Its Peoples: A Mosaic in the Making is a classical history book which every history student interested in learning the history of America ought to read. Perhaps, simply because of the fact that the book was written by several writers (five different authors combined efforts to write this book), the book is quite rich in history, delving into several aspects of history such as sports, leisure, and popular culture, of military history, politics (history of democracy),diplomacy etc. The writers namely; James H. Jones, Linda O.

McMurry, Steven Mintz, Randy Robert and James Kirby Martin all did a wonderful job on the book, for it is quite comprehensive, giving well detailed insights into many aspect of history of America all at once. The writers succeeded in explicitly capturing the rich ethnic diversity of the American people with vivid character sketches, colorful anecdotes, primary sources, new pedagogy, and a spirited narrative. (Amazon. com) There have been several editions of this book but the study guild edition, which this academic discourse is reviewing, was particularly made for students easy study.

Not only does it come in quite a unique narrative style, but it comes with expanded chapter reviews and practice quiz. Again, it unfolds a detailed history of the transition in America history, relating several events on politics, sports, culture, military and lots more. Since it is impossible to tell a history of a people without revealing the heroes, who scarified and invested greatly in the development of their country and people, hence the book mentioned several great people that contributed immensely to the development of American.

Among these people are several men of honour who did great noble acts for the development of America. Among these great men are; Jared Ingersoll, Delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress, John Adams, Vice President of America 1789 and 1793, Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State, George Washington, the first American president (which this biography is about) and others.

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