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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Graduation day, boy what a day. Man Id have to say is that that was by far the most nerve-racking day ever. Up to this point in my lifeline of my history. Many thoughts were racing through my head. All the parties, family showering you with gifts. I couldnt hardly sleep the night before because of the anixety of not having the choice of never having to go back to school again. Actually it was probably more of a relief for the faculty and staff because, I was the last Beckert running through the hallways. Of course out of the two of us in the family, my brother was a real angel. I was always the one who was made an example of in school and always into mischief all the time. Of course ,what do you expect when you come to school drunk and told to go home.

As i got up for graduation day my palms were sweatty all day. I took three showers to keep cool , but then I realized I was only graduating. It wasnt like I was winning a million dollars or going on the show, Deal or No Deal. When I arrived at the school, we gathered in the cafeteria and waited for the music to start so we could walk, for the last time, out of Tri-Valley High School as a student.

I looked out of the corner of my eye and one of my teachers was waving his hand to tell me that I needed to come talk to him real quick. So, ran over and asked, Whats going on Mr Rotella. He replied ,noting I need to grace you with some information and you can take any way want to. At first I looked around and thought it was going to be something bad. So I listened. And it was advice on life from a teacher that had been through alot. He said, Aaron remember, life is like a roll of tiolet paper. Iwas dumbfounded by this statement. Then i said, what do you mean by this Mr.Rotella. He Replied, you can mke your life short and wasteful, or you can make it long and useful. I started to laugh inside to myself about it. He looked at me and said, what is so funny. I replied, Ive never thought that i would compare my life to roll of tiolet paper. He looked at me and was telling to think about it while.

So I thought ,as I walked across the front yard of Tri-Vallley High School. It slowly started to sink in and I think it had hit me when I walked across the stage to receive the achievement that was worth the time invested. Right before I got ready to send my cap into the air, it finally dawn on me what he was trying to say. The simile hit me out of nowhere like as if Mike Tyson had blindsided me. Mr.Rotella was simply trying to lead me in the right direction. Thats why he was stating that it was up to me to make the choice. Just like the simile that he was portraying to me in the classroom. Needless to say, I took his advice. Oh yes i took his advice, and let me say I used that roll of toilet paper. But ,he never did state specifically that couldnt have more than one roll.

Meaning that I have had to purchase a few rolls, since the day I walked across the front lawn of Tri-Valley High School. Im sorry no one can make one roll of toilet paper last ten years. I have though in the last ten years, educated that same thought on a lot of people and just like me they all did the same thing at first. They would giggle and then about twenty minutes later it would hit them. That look of wow thats an extremely deep thought. My ten year reunion is coming up and Im sure the rebutle to the teacher will be quite amusing. Hopefully since I have gained a few years. Maybe he will bestow another simile upon me to think about for another few years. At least I took one piece of information out with me when I hit them doors for the very last time.

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