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Published: 2016-10-29 08:57:10
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Reading is probably one of the most beneficial activities of man. It is through reading that man is able to discover new ideas, concepts, places, and people. Other people even describe reading as a journey that starts as you open a page, and finishes as the last page is turned. Indeed, reading is not only informative, but fun as well.

Reading should be encouraged among children at an early age. This is so because there are many benefits that children can derive from reading. Aside from developing virtues and senses, reading also imparts knowledge and information. These are some of the other benefits of reading.

Reading develops comprehension. When children read, it is very often that they get to connect the thoughts of the story together. As children starts to read, the words and the sentences may seem like a stranger to them, but as they continually read, they will come to recognize words and sentences and establish the relationship between them. Comprehension is the ability of understanding a story or an idea. Thus, as children regularly read, they develop their comprehension better.

Reading develops vocabulary. Different stories are written by different authors. As such, every story has a different style dependent on the style of the authors themselves. There are stories that use simple and easily understandable languages, but there are others who use the more complex one. As children read through a story, they encounter words that they might not actually understand. When this happens, they can always seek out a dictionary to look for the meaning of the word. This is one way of broadening their vocabulary. It is advisable to prepare a dictionary beside them as they read for convenience in looking up the words that they do not understand.

There are some books and stories that are written in such a way that you could not wait to turn the next page. In other words, these are stories that are very exciting and thrilling that one could not wait for the next chapter. Unknowingly when this happens, children have already visualized how the next chapter would be like. Moreover in reading, they clearly form a vision of the heroes and the villains according to how they see them. Reading does not only develop creativity, but visualization as well.

Reading develops discipline. It is not very often that you see a person jumping around and reading at the same time. When you read, you usually find a comfortable little corner, and sit for hours as you read a book. If you are a regular reader, you might be doing this more often to a point that it has become a habit already. Discipline is achieved when you would be able to do things repetitively in an orderly manner. Moreover, reading also develops concentration and focus.

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