Benefits and Services Subsidies Essay

Published: 2020-02-03 19:01:44
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1. Subsidies are often defined as payments to be made to a given third party. In such a way subsidies are financial assistance to a party from local or federal government and can be in the form of tax break, trade barrier or grant. Subsidies may be also provided by individuals and non-government establishments, but in this case subsidies are likely to be defined as charity. To receive subsidy any recipient has to be distinguished from the beneficiary whether the recipient really needs subsidy.

For example, in some cases the government may provide cash payments for production of particular goods and services. Such subsidies are called direct production subsidies. Such subsidies may be provided by the government in order to encourage and stimulate further development of a particular corporation, organization, or industry. 2. Positive discrimination can be defined as benefit which is provided firstly to protected group of people to balance past inequalities or inquiries. Mostly, positive discrimination is used to provide benefits for disabled people.

It is a matter of fact that nowadays many companies hire and promote disabled employees and such employees may be even less skillful and qualified. For example, positive discrimination benefit may guarantee less working hours at the fixed salary for disabled workers. 3. Credits and vouchers are pre-payments and post-payments allowed by credit provider. For example, within organization credits and vouchers may be allowed if an employee provides evidence of theft, loss, or disposal of vehicle. Nevertheless, credit vouchers arent provided to pay sales tax, registration and additional fees, interests and penalties.

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