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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In this ongoing research, the researcher wants to analyze the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). Keeping in view the agenda of our research the researcher identify the main organizational model and implement structure, characteristics or components of Benazir income support programme and there affects in social, poverty alleviation/reduction and economy of Pakistan.

Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has been initiated by Government of Pakistan with initial allocation of Rs.34 billion (US $ 425 million approximately) for the year 2008-09 which is the third largest allocation in the total budget and is 0.3% of the GDP for the year 2008-09. The Programme has been initiated to partially offset the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of the poorer sections of the society. In the years 2005-07, inflation stood at almost 10% with food inflation in the range of 13-15%. In the year 2007-08 sharp rise in oil prices and primary products in the international as well as domestic market resulted in double digit inflation rate, which has almost halved the purchasing power of the people. Hence there is urgent need for direct and speedy relief to the poor sections of the society and BISP is the response to the above compulsions.

The Programme is aimed at covering almost 15% of the entire population, which constitutes 40% of the population below the poverty line. A monthly payment of Rs.1000/ per family would increase the income of a family earning Rs.5000 by 20%. BISP will cover all four provinces including FATA, AJK, and FANA & ICT. Husband, wife and dependent children constitute a family. There are quite a few reasons behind this perception, the leading one being that the idea is fairly new and very attractive in order to describe the role and structural factors, mechanism of Benazir income support programme. The purpose and goal behind this study is to ultimate define the pro and cons of Benazir income support programme and their effects on Pakistan economy and what impact on poverty reduction and economic factors? i. Description:

The proposed research will focus on the Benazir Income Support Programme mechanism , structure and their distribution of funds, impact on poverty reduction and alleviation, empowerment of womens and economic factors. The research will initially be carried out locally which can be expanded to other major cities as and when required according to our research prerequisites. Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) working as to help the needy people of the society to a great extent and mitigate their sufferings. Some former economic experts said the programme should provide benefit as many as three million people will be implemented with complete transparency and beyond political affiliations.

The special feature of the programme is to give priority to remote and backward areas where the people have fewer chances of business and employment. The government he said would provide maximum relief to 33 percent people living below the poverty line by supporting them through Benazir Income Support Programme. The main objective of the study is to determine either the BISP achieve their goals in order of poverty alleviation/reduction, empowerment of women and social and economic factors. In order to need of this research, tools like interviews and questionnaires will be used in addition to the literature available. On the basis of these findings, inference and analysis will be made to reach to the answers of our research objectives. Economic Context:

Inflation: over 10%
Food Inflation: 13-15%

Oil price shock, inflation rate doubled
Purchasing power since 2005 ~ halved

Inflation in 2008-2009 was above 20%
Urgent need for direct and speedy relief
Demographic Context:
All 4 provinces, including FATA, AJK, FANA & ICT
Households 25 m
Population 166 m
Assumed Poverty Line: 33%

Bottom 33%
Bottom 20%
Bottom 10%
8.2 m
5.0 m
2.5 m
55.0 m
33.2 m
17 m

Source: Pakistan Economic Survey, 2007-08; adjusted for AJK & FANA population

BISP Cash Transfer:
Complements other social protection instruments and services like health, education etc. Confers dignity and choice.
Lower transaction cost and higher value to beneficiaries than in-kind support. Impacts short term food security and long term alleviation of poverty. BISP can serve as a mechanism to deliver cash assistance in times of natural disasters/ crisis in affected areas.

ii. Scientific Objectives:
The main idea and objective behind this research is to find whether the Benazir income support programme have properly working in order to achieve their objective for ultimate reduction in poverty alleviation, empowering women and stabilize the economy and reduction in unemployment or other economic consequences. BISP is based on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the globally agreed set of social and economic targets that are supposed to be realized by 2015. The idea of BISP was to bring the women into the mainstream. Besides cash help, the programme caries other benefits like health and accident insurances as well as vocational training so that the recipients ultimately become self-sufficient. The hypothesis formulated would be:

Null Hypothesis:
Benazir Income Support Programme is fully geared and helping towards in order
of reduction in poverty alleviation and empowerment of women in Pakistan. Alternative Hypothesis:
Benazir Income Support Programme is not fully geared and helping towards in order of reduction in poverty alleviation and empowerment of women in Pakistan. The main objectives which are intended to be completed by the end of the study are: A measure to compensate low income families for reduction of purchasing power. A cash grant of Rs. 2000/ every alternate month.

Only one benefit per family.
Empowering Women: Only female recipients: Female head of family or adult female member of the family can be a recipient. This is not a party specific programme, it is for the people of Pakistan, because of its transparency, the entire world, and donor agencies are cooperating and are sending their offers to us. To helping the families of the victims of bomb blasts and those of the earthquakes as well as the displaced persons from the Swat region and bajour agency and etc. To reduction in poverty alleviation.

Be timely and unbiased.
Temporary so as not to create dependency.
Not too large, so as not to jeopardize work incentives or have an inflationary effect. Careful attention to design and implementation.
Careful monitoring and evaluation.
Eligibility criteria to be predefined, transparent, easy to explain and simple to administer. Important linkages to the some studies and work accomplished by various workers in the field highlighted below: References:

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Director General (Operations) BISP.
Grosh, M., Ninno, C., Tesliuc, E. & Ouerghi, A. (2008), the Design and Implementation of Effective Safety Nets: For Protection & Promotion the World Bank, Washington, D.C.

iii. Methodology:
The methodology involved in this research the researcher would be used
content analysis both as qualitative and quantitative. Content analysis is part of the empirical, social scientific tradition and it is method which has been developed to investigate the patterns of our study. The two major techniques of content analysis, depending on the analytical methods used, which are quantitative content analysis and qualitative content analysis. Quantitative Analysis:

The purpose of this analysis is to quantify and manifest features of a large number of media texts. Qualitative analysis is generally concerned with how often a variable is presented and the amount can communicate in numbers. Which allows great precision in reporting the results? So in quantitative research process the application of different test would be made and regression analysis would be used and run. Qualitative Content Analysis:

This type of content analysis contains a minimum of quantitative measurement, standardization and mathematical techniques (opposite). Qualitative analysis of content is used to explain the quantitative data and to interpret direction of the contents. Steps of Content Analysis:

Universe of the Study:
To define the universe is to specify the boundaries of the body of content to be considered, which requires an appropriate operational definition of the relevant population. This research considers the main mechanism of Benazir income support programme in respect of their characteristics, objectives, components and their effects. Sample of the Study

The sampling would include individuals, institutions and all the other society factors. The target will be all major sources. Questionnaires.
The information will be collected by specially designed interviews and questionnaires, keeping in mind the research objective. iv. Benefits/Usefulness:
BISP Coverage:
Allocation for 2008-09: Rs 34 bn (US$ 425 m)
~ 0.3% of GDP
Target coverage (3.5 million families) ~ 15% of the population Allocation for 2009-10: Rs.70 bn (US$ 875 m)
Target beneficiary families for 2009-10: 5 million
Plans over the medium term to extend coverage to 7 million families by 2010-2011.
Seperation of Function:
Functional separation for transparency and efficiency.

Eligibility Criteria
Monthly income less than Rs. 6000.
No family member in government service.
Possession of no or less than 3 acres of agricultural land or up to 3 Marlas residential property. Possession of Computerized National Identity Card.
Should not be beneficiary of other support programmes.
Should not have an account with a foreign bank.
Should not possess a passport or an Overseas Pakistani identity card. Requirements/Conditions:
Identification of applicants / recipients through democratically elected Parliamentarians. Equal number of forms distributed to each Parliamentarian.
Attestation by local level representatives of Parliamentarians and Union Councilors. Screening / Verification of basic criteria through checks with National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA). Cost effective & quick targeting process.

Benefits Level
A cash grant of Rs. 2000/ every alternate month.
Rs. 1000 = 20% increase in income for family earning Rs. 5000/ pm. At prevalent prices Rs. 1000 payout is sufficient to finance 20-25 days flour needs of a family with 5-6 individuals. Rs. 1000/ pm not a labor disincentive only women family member is recipient. Emergency relief package for IDPs, victims of bomb blast and terrorism and earthquake affected districts of balochistan.

Monitoring of Payments
Internal monitoring mechanisms of Pakistan Post Department.
External Monitoring through BISP Provincial and Regional Offices. Pakistan Post reports monthly (electronically) to BISP on payments, with list/addresses of houses and name of postman making the delivery. Eligibility and Payment status available on BISP. ( Implementation Status

Forms Processing Status by NADRA (as of 13 July 2009)
Total Forms Processed: 3,736,914
Total Eligible: 2,122,038
Total Ineligible: 496,927
Total Inprocess: 50,600
Total Withheld: 1,067,349
2. Year wise physical and financial plan of work (Phasing):
The following time line shall be observed while performing the research or study: 0-2 Literature and Data Review
2-3 Research Design will be Formulated
3-4 Theoretical Frameworks Designed
4-6 Collection of Data
6-8 Data Analysis and Discussion
8-10 Findings
10-12 Report Writing and Recommendations in the light of above analysis

3. Participating Personnels:
Sir Sardar Zahid
Sami Ullah
Tahir Mukhtar
4. Infrastructure Facilities:
Already Available:
COMSATS facilities will be available, which includes office support, library support and research. Scientific Personnel: _____________________________________________ Proposed to be established:
Fax Machine would be used.
Scanner would be required.
Photocopy would be required.
2 Laptops would be required.
Laser printer would be required.
USB Flash Drive would be required.
One portable hard drive would be required.
One Digital Video Cam would be required.

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