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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Proposal: I have chosen to write about the comparison between the cultures that produced the Venus de Willendorf with the culture that produces the Barbie doll. While writing about the two cultures, I will describe some common themes the Paleolithic culture and the modern culture share; what our modern culture has adopted and those things it has rejected of which the Paleolithic culture held to high standards. Most important through my writing I will show you how much our world views have changed from the era of the Venus de Willendorf to the modern world view of what the ideal woman should look like and how the view of beauty should not be as superficial as the modern culture makes it out to be. Outline:

1. Intro a. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this saying can be proven by looking at the different cultures throughout the ages. Beauty of a woman is much more than what she looks like, it is also what a womans body can produce and withstand, what is within her. Past cultures show us something that our modern culture tends to forget; that beauty of a woman is more than what she may look like, a womans beauty is something that should be adorned. 2. Body

b. Common themes between the Paleolithic cultures views on beauty vs. the modern worlds view i. One common theme on the view of beauty between the Paleolithic culture and the modern world is that both cultures worship a womans beauty; each in their own way. c. Some differences between the view of beauty between the Paleolithic culture and modern culture. ii. The most obvious difference between the two cultures is the size/shape of a woman. In the Paleolithic culture an ideal womans shape is volumpsous, full figured; but in the modern culture, the ideal womans shape is thin with large breast and well preserved. d. How the view of a womans beauty has changed between the Paleolithic culture and modern culture iii. Beauty in the Paleolithic culture largely revolved around reproduction, sustaining life; while beauty in the modern world is about preserving, extending life. e. Conclusion

iv. Throughout the ages and the different cultures the regard for a womans beauty has changed in some ways, but has stayed the same in others. No matter what the beholder believes beauty to be, the one constant of a womans beauty in all cultures and throughout time is that it can be a very powerful thing.

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