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Published: 2019-11-05 03:11:44
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As times have changed, so has our planet. Global warming has become a critical issue in todays society, and it will not go away unless we do something about it. There are people all around the globe who have made the change and decided to be conscious of the health of our world. Unfortunately however, it is not enough. As long as the majority of society continues to rely on fossil fuels, continues to waste energy, and continues destroying forests, our planet will continue to suffer.

If we are to change the fate of our beautiful planet, society as a whole must take immediate action. To make the world a better place, we all should become environmental advocates, and take a stand to save humanity. We must make environmentally conscious changes in our own lives, teach those around us, and lead by example to make a difference. Above all else, every single person on the planet must change the way they live day to day. We must be aware of every potential harmful affect of every activity we engage in.

Every gallon of gas saved, light turned off, and computer unplugged will impact the future of the Earth. Emissions from fossil fuels are the cause of global warming, and presently our society relies on these fossil fuels to function on a daily basis. By carpooling, walking, turning off the air conditioner, and unplugging appliances that we are not using, we can each save a substantial amount of energy. If everyone does just a little, it will add up to a lot. Next we should each take the initiative to teach others about the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Some people do not understand how critical global warming has become, and therefore, can only change by learning. Others do not realize how easy it is to make small changes in life that will make a big difference, such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs. If we all would simply casually mention energy saving tips to our families, friends, and co-workers, or even strangers in the light bulb aisle, we can really affect the thinking of those around us. Finally, we can lead the way by setting a good example ourselves.

People do as they see more often then as they are told. If our children, friends, and even strangers see us saving energy or planting trees, they are likely to follow our lead. If enough people become example setters, the idea of living green will become a trend. Just as we strive to be fashionable by what we see on the television or in magazines, if we are constantly bombarded by stories and images of people saving the planet, more people will strive to fit in. Every single person counts, and if we can set a responsible example for even one person, it is worth the effort.

Our environment is suffering at the hands of its inhabitants. Still, global warming does not have to destroy our planet or the future of mankind. If we ignore the problem it will not go away, but if we take action now, before it is to late, we can save the Earth, one person at a time. By making small changes in our lives, teaching others the importance of living green and how easy it is to do so, and setting examples for others to follow, we can each make a difference. By becoming environmental advocates, globally, we can make the world a better place.

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