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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In the Greek myth Baucis and Philemon the main characters are a poor old couple, Baucis and Philemon. Baucis and Philemon lived in a little cottage where they grew their own fruit and vegetables. This elderly couple invites two strangers in and feed them a superb meal. Baucis and Philemon offered to kill their only goose for their guests, but their guests said to let it be. Throughout the story they realize their guests are the Greek gods, Zeus and Hermes, and become astounded and afraid.

Zeus and Hermes then thanked them for letting them in when no one else would and bestowed upon them a blessing. In response Philemon asks for their little cottage to be turned into a temple where people could go and worship the gods and that when they perish they would do so together, Hermes said It shall be as you desired So when the couple died they metamorphosized into trees with interlaced branches. Throughout the story Baucis and Philemon show character traits such as generosity, hospitality, and their love and passion for one another.

Baucis and Philemon both showed the character trait of hospitality by inviting two strangers into their home when the rich refused them. They also gave the strangers more food in one day then they themselves could consume in one week. They even offered there only goose to them for a meal. That is how both, Baucis and Philemon, were hospitable in this story Generosity is a trait both Baucis and Philemon acquired. They prepared all the food by hand for the two strangers. Baucis and Philemon didnt care if there was any food left for themselves or how long it took to make the food.

They only wanted their guests to have the best even though they were poor. Both Baucis and Philemon both show generosity through these acts. One character trait I thought Baucis and Philemon really showed was their love and passion for one another. They had lived together for many years and had never spoken one false word to each other. When they perished they wanted it to be at the exact same time. When they did eventually die they both turned into trees, with interlaced branches, and whispered to each other in the wind.

This poor elderly couple displayed the two traits of love and passion through these non-selfish acts. I think the theme of the Greek myth Baucis and Philemon was that being generous really pays off in the long run, as well as doing good things for other people always feels good even if you dont get anything back in return. Baucis and Philemon are very giving people and they dont even expect things in return. I really admire Baucis and Philemon because of what they did for Zeus and Hermes. Thats what I thought of Baucis and Philemon.

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