Batman: American Figure Essay

Published: 2020-02-12 04:30:47
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America is a land of ordinary individuals capable of doing extraordinary things when the need arises. Like Batman, every American has no supernatural skills but the physical and mental capabilities of each citizen can equal, and even surpass, those superheroes in comic books who harness extraordinary powers. America is the land of the brave and even beyond that, for it is more than bravery to face the toughest circumstances amidst being a human being with physical limitations.

This is also true in the case of Batman as he is essentially powerless and that the only tools he has are gadgets to augment his human skills. Like Batman, America, too, is abundant with gadgets and other tools which, for the most part, can serve the purpose of giving an additional edge to the skills of every American. The United States is a nation filled with opportunities for the average individual precisely because the nation has remained a dominant force in the international market, making the nation a central figure in providing opportunities for Americans.

Part of the reason to this is that America is only one of the few nations with abundant facilities and tools to empower the workforce and its citizens, giving these people the advantage over others in terms of fulfilling their respective roles. In essence, what one may consider as the power of the nation rests in its machineries and tools in providing the extra arm, so to speak, for its ordinary individuals. Batman, on the other hand, is one of the most widely read superheroes in contemporary times, a modern hero with no supernatural powers.

His missions, however, are aided in no small way by the tools that he has in his home, extending the usefulness of ordinary tools into gadgets which grant him skills almost parallel to those of supernatural capabilities. Apparently, the case of Batman resembles the case of the average American, where the home is the nation and the tools are the various machineries and equipments available. At a time when Gotham City suffered violence all over its area, there was no one to turn to, not even the police authorities who were powerless to wield a force against the violators of the law, except for one”Batman.

Making the most use of what equipments he has, Batman sought to revive the city against all odds that stood in his way. As for America, the earlier attacks during 9/11 saw a nation brought down to its knees by terrorists. Needless to say, the nation stood above the occasion by making the most out of the willingness and desire of people to help those who were placed in grave danger during the bombing of the World Trade Center. It was a time when the heart of the nation was pounded by unlawful individuals, sowing the seeds of terrorism when we least expected it.

Equally notable is the fact that almost all those who were there near the area of WTC came to the rescue of those who were in one way or another afflicted by the attacks. Taken at a larger context, the time when Gotham City experienced massive violence may be compared to the time when America experienced terrorist attacks back in 9/11, and the individuals who were there during those dire circumstances can be compared to Batman in terms of their willingness to help despite being ordinary humans devoid of any supernatural powers.

It is the power of the tools which augmented the capacities of both Batman and the selfless individuals who responded to WTC. In essence, Batman is a good representative of the United States because he is closer to the ordinary circumstances of ordinary Americans. That is, even though he had no supernatural capabilities, his ordinary circumstance as a human being did not hamper him from using what tools he has in order to make extraordinary actions during dire times. Reference Daniels, L. (2004). Batman Complete History (1st Chronicle Books LLC Pbk. ed. ): Chronicle Books.

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