Balance Sheet and Income Statement Essay

Published: 2020-01-26 05:20:46
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Balance Sheet and Income Statement Jennifer Grayson BSA/500 June 4, 2011 Brian Keltch Balance Sheet and Income Statement The following four companies are related to the companies that have been in review over the last four weeks. These four following companies show how well the company has been doing over the last two years or not so well. The company has pulled their balance sheets and income statement to see if all the companys financial needs are being met. If the companys needs are not being met, the company will show where the company needs to cut back and where the company needs to improve. National Plastic Co

Conclusion National Plastic Co. s not doing well after a year. The company has less net fixed assets after a year. The company has borrowed less liability but the company has less revenue so with the changes it did not work in the favor for the company. AMERCO Inc. is still doing about the same after a year. The big thing is that the company is still able to bring in money with the economy at its worst. The company is able to run comfortable. Kout Food Group is doing about the same as the year before. No growth has happen and no lost has happen. Resaas Services Inc. has made the most growth in a year. In 2010 the total liabilities and equity was 0. 8% and in 2011 5. 67%. The company gained more than 5. 39%. Resaas is doing well. To look at all the different companys income statements and balance sheets show that no two companies are the same. Some companies may do better than others may and some may not do well at all. It is important for all companies to make sure to have a financial statement. Reference BLOOMBERG L. P. (2012).

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