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Published: 2019-10-12 01:22:09
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The unit explores the power of ideas to change the world and ourselves, focusing on their birth, transmission, evolution, and personal and global impact. Through the study of selected themes, students are introduced to the knowledge and approaches central to the arts, social sciences and humanities, and are invited to reflect on competing moral and social arguments. The development of writing and critical thinking skills are a core focus of the unit.

The unit is arranged around four different topics, each of which is allocated five or six lectures and three tutorials. Each topic consists of an organising theme which is used to focus a set of contrasting disciplinary perspectives from within the arts, social sciences and humanities. For 2014, the four organising themes are: â—¦The individual and the community.

â—¦Truth and representation
â—¦The good life

The key aims of this unit are as follows:

â—¦To introduce students to a range of methodological, conceptual and theoretical appraoches to the main discipline areas covered in the Bachelor of Arts degree. â—¦To show how social and moral issues may be examined from diverse perspectives, so as to result in differing evaluations, each offering potentially valuable illuminations. â—¦To provide students with the conceptual tools to become more articulate and reflective in their examination of social and moral issues.

The majors which comprise the Bachelor of Arts in 2014 are:
â—¦Asian Studies
â—¦Australian Indigenous Studies
â—¦Communication and Media Studies
â—¦Community Development
â—¦Education Studies
â—¦English and Creative Writing
â—¦Games Art and Design
â—¦Interactive Digital Design
â—¦International Aid and Development
â—¦Legal Studies
â—¦Public Relations
â—¦Politics and International Studies
â—¦Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies
â—¦Social and Developmental Psychology
â—¦Sustainable Development
â—¦Theatre and Drama
â—¦Tourism and Events
â—¦Web Communication

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