Automobile and Cycling Essay

Published: 2019-11-28 11:11:55
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Cycling is one of the oldest means of transport. Inventing bicycles was an enormous step in the history of transportation. Bicycles didnt need horses or wains as a result transportation became much simpler and cheaper. Moreover the previously smelly and dirty towns turned into healthier and cleaner places. Nowadays, however, when there are several faster ways of travelling, is there any reason to ride a bicycle? Although in our more technologically developed days bicycle are rather old-fashioned way of travelling, it has certain advantages.

To begin with, bicycles are much cheaper than cars and motorcycles so that a lot of people can afford to buy them. Moreover, cycling is a great, physically demanding sport. As a result it could be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle or even a balanced diet. If people used it only for go to work or school it would provide them enough movement to avoid weight problems. Finally cycling is very environmentally friendly because it doesnt need fuel or electricity. On the other hand cycling as a mean of transport does have its disadvantages. It usually takes longer than other forms of travel. As a result it can be more tiring.

In addition, riding a bicycle in the city can be a little unhealthy. Cities air is very polluted because cars and factories exhaust a lot fume and chemicals. Furthermore cycling can be dangerous also. In the heavy traffic violent and careless car drivers often cause accidents and if we arent enough careful we can easily get hurt. All things considered, although there are some disadvantages of cycling I believe it is healthier and more enjoyable than driving a car. It can be dangerous but it is a perfect method to keep ourselves fit. Furthermore, in our crowded cities travelling by bicycle often the fastest way to reach our destination.

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