Attendance monitoring using biometrics with payroll system Essay

Published: 2020-01-01 23:30:16
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In modern world there are many systems that are implemented to some industries in order to improve the manual transaction of the University. As new generation comes, a new technology has been developed to provide the users a fast and reliable transaction. This study tells the use of computer that will lessen the time and effort for updating and other ways of processing in accurate ways. Our proposed system is for the Faculty Members of Cavite State University Silang Campus which we got curiosity on how the Faculty Members make a process that is why we make a system that we hope it might help a lot for the Faculty Members. We are going to develop this system to improve our skills and make it useful for others especially with our target client. Biometrics has long being touted as a powerful tool for solving identification and authentication issues for immigration and customs, physical security, and computer security. It involves measuring one or more unique physiological human characteristics the shape of a body, fingerprints, structure of the face, DNA, hand/palm geometry, iris patterns, and even odor/scent. Behavioral traits can also be used typing rhythm, gait, and voice.

These technologies have enormous promise because they can never be forgotten, lost or copied, unlike the current methods of cards and passwords. Biometrics has quickly established itself as the most relevant technology for identifying individuals in a fast and reliable way through the use of unique biological characteristics. Today many programs are drawing on biometrics and applications for the general public are now seeing rapid development. These applications are predominantly introduced by national authorities, as the capture and management of a populations fingerprints call for tightly regulated legal and technical framework. The Faculty Attendance using Biometrics with Payroll System will provide a convenient transaction. The system has the features such as user-friendly where the records can stored in proper database. Computerized accounting is designed integrated to all of the business operations, such as payroll. With computerized accounting, the process will be accurate. Computerized accounting gives the cooperative sufficient time strategic plan, increase the customer base, and enhance members satisfaction. With computerized accounting the cooperative will have greater visibility into day-to-day operations and access to vital information. Statement of the Problem

The Faculty Members of Cavite State University Silang Campus is using a traditional way for their attendance,
Specifically the study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What are the possible impacts of using biometrics for their attendance?

2. What are benefits of using this Biometrics and Payroll System?

3. How this system helps the Faculty Members regarding keeping their attendances record and the records of their salary?

Significance of the Study
The system is intended to manage the Faculty Members to have a well-organized, manageable and a convenient transaction of the professors with the staff of this University. The system should be efficient to use and effective strategy to make the current or existing transaction of the Faculty Members be improved and can handle such things with difficulties especially when they are going to check their attendance and salary. This study will benefit the following:

Administration Staff it can lessen the amount of the workload that the administration carries every day. Faculty Members it will help the Faculty Members to maximize their time. University the system can help the University to prove that this Cavite State University Silang Campus is one of the developing Universities by using biometrics in their attendance.

Objectives of the Study
The general objective of the study is to develop a Faculty Attendance using biometrics with Payroll System. This study has the following specific
To design a Faculty Attendance using Biometrics with Payroll System with the following features: To develop a system that is capable of minimizing time in searching the names of the teachers. To build up a system that will avoid lost and tampering of the records. To help the Faculty Members to lessen too much consumption of paper and paper works. It has record for the Faculty Members of the University.

Record of their attendance and salary.
It has view, add, edit and delete, refresh and print for the faculty members records.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
This study involves the development of Faculty Attendance using biometrics with Payroll System in Cavite State University Silang Campus. It will be used daily to lessen the paper works that is time consuming. And it was made to help the authorities to change their traditional of searching. The proposed system aims to lessen the time consumed in paper works and to have an efficient computation of the accounts. It allows the employees to inquire about their attendance history self-service. It eliminates the tedious task of informing employees of missing time logs during every payroll cut-off. And it provides employees a way to cross-check their net pay with time logs. Minimizes inquires for payroll master. However, this study is limited to some processes of the University. It also limited to the activities for the improvement of the University, their schedule and meeting.

Operational Definition of Terms
Computer. It is an electronic device which is able to store and manipulate data and be able to perform functions instructed. Kiosk. It is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications. Database. It is known as the collection of data.



This part of the study presents the materials and methods used in the development of the project design which includes requirements gathering, designing, strategy, implementation, testing, and evaluation.


The Fourth Generation Technique (4GT) was used for the development of the software. It is a step-by-step procedure in making the proposed software as shown in Figure 1. It uses repetitive cycles in procedures when an error is encountered until a desired output is achieved. The techniques adopted were four major parts namely: requirements gathering, design strategy, implementation and testing.

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