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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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An Attendance Monitoring and Notification System is a software solution for monitoring the attendance of the students. Academics in the United States are to introduce a monitoring system to check when students attend or miss class. Sensors will detect students identification card, when they enter the lecture theatres. Warton classes for example, makes use of software that automatically determined if the student didnt attend their classes and this will be reflected in their grades and seen by their parents. In most school in the Philippines the use of paper based system is the common way of monitoring the attendance. Whereas, the teacher will need to utter their names in the class and the students will have to verify their names if he/she is present for that day. Attendance Monitoring and Notification System will reduce this paper based system and saves time of attendance call during the class. This system is a need for Universities.


This capstone project entitled Attendance Monitoring and Notification System concerning the stakeholders will enhance the communication of the parents and the school leaders on monitoring the attendance of the students. This system will benefit a person or a group which has a direct interest and involvement with this software. The start of this system was last July 2012 and it will end on October 2012, maybe second week or last week of the said month. This system will be conducted on our own school institution (St. Anthonys College San Jose, Antique), when this system was agreed fixed, thats the time of implementing it. The researchers propose for this system to improve the customary way of attendance monitoring through computerization and to advise parents with their children through text notification.

1.2 Purpose and Description

This project entitled Attendance Monitoring and Notification System is designed for the parents to have in mind if his/her children are within the school premises or not, and for the students to be certain of their unfair conduct of not being present with their classes.

This project aims to implement an automatic attendance monitoring system using barcode reader and parents notification through SMS for St. Anthonys College at San Jose, Antique to save time of checking the attendance of students and to improve the interaction between parents and school leaders.

The School Leaders provide the design and building of the system in order to process the machine needed for the automated attendance monitoring and notification system. The Parents will be involved by managing their children and assures that they are secured because of Notifications they were about to receive which can help them control the behaviour of their children. The Students is an essential participant by simply coding his/her identification number in the machine for the attendance checking and automatically sends notification to their parents.

1.3 Objectives

This capstone project entitled Attendance Monitoring and Notification System of St. Anthonys College aims to develop and implement an automated monitoring of attendance and utilize notifications to aid the students, school leaders and parents in securing, and managing the students attendance. Specifically, this capstone project aims to:

a) Design and develop a system that gives contribution for the improvement and progression of the school.
b) Saving the time of attendance call during the class.
c) Reducing paper based system.
d) Assures parents security of their childrens safety in St. Anthonys College.
e) Develop the researchers ability and skills with regards in creating a program using Web Design. This is also a way of sharing the knowledge and skills that gained in studying at Saint Anthonys College.

1.4 Scope and Limitations

This capstone project entitled Attendance Monitoring and Notification System is focused on the design, development and implementation of an automated monitoring of students attendance and sending notifications to their parents through SMS that will be implemented for all the stakeholders that has a direct interest with the system. Only the releasing of grades, students emergencies and reply to receives schools notification are not part of this project.

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