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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Source 1: Summarize: This article discusses how big of an impact Steve Jobs has on the economy we live in today. Apple is a multi-billion dollar company. It has more financial ammo than most sovereign countries, by financial ammo I mean it has much more money than others companies in sovereign countries.

Apple trumps the Gross domestic production of Denmark, Thailand, and Greece, which makes the company a true power house in todays Society. If someone were to ask me what this article is about, I would tell them it explains in detail the impact Steve jobs had on the global economy. Mr. Jobs affected many countries from japan to the United States in a multitude of ways. Assess: This source is useful because it exemplifies the impact of Steve jobs from the Economic perspective.

This source is very reliable because it is covered with update information and it is an original written article. The author of this article is not biased; the article exhibits both pros and cons. The goal of this article is to explain the impact Steve jobs had on the economy. Reflection: This source is genuinely helpful to me because it brings forth perfect points that I can connect to while I write my paper. It states how apple affects not only the United States Economy but other countries economies as well.

This article helps my argument because it says that Steve jobs have a very big effect on the economy. An example of this is in the stock market, when Steve jobs stepped down as CEO of apple, the stock market dropped 5 percent. That is a bona-fide example of how he affects the economy in contrast to the prime Minister of Japan.

Source 2:
Summarize: This article predominantly talks about how Apple is a major economy innovator. In the last 11 years, apple has come out with 3 products that have completely changed the market. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Apple has provided ways to effortlessly surf the internet anywhere anyone wants to, with a beautiful design. Apple has basically created its own mobile generation. Apple has demonstrated that even though the economy is strict, consumers are willing to pay for a must have gadget.

Assess: This source is ideally useful because it describes how apple has surpassed its competitors. Within the last 11 years apple has come out with 3 products that have changed the economy not only in the United States but in other countries too. The information presented in this article is reliable, because all the information is authentic. Also this article is not biased; it shows both the pros and con of the affects Apple has on the economy. The goal of this source is to show how Steve jobs affected the economy in various countries.

Reflection: This source will be used to represent how much money Steve jobs generates and how people are willing to do to get this must have product. For an example there was a near-riot in Beijing when customers could not buy the latest iPhone. This source is useful to me because it shows how Steve jobs effects the economy, again when your product runs out and it starts a riot, it is clearly affecting the economy of that region. The source will shape my argument because it helps me show people just how much of an affect Steve Jobs has on the economy, his products are so well loved that if there arent any left people start to riot over it.

Global Politics:
Source 1: Summarize: This article mainly discuses the comment made by President Obama. As Steve Jobs was speaking, President Barack Obama interrupted and asked him what would it take to make iPhones in the United States?Why cant that work come home? He said that because apple was saying that their products were made in the United States but practically all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads and 59 million other products that Apple produce were sold last year, were manufactured overseas.

Mr. Jobs responded withThose jobs arent coming back. He said that because 700,000 people engineer and build and assemble apple parts, in addition to the 43,00 people apple employs in the United States and the 20,000 they employ overseas. Nearly none of those 700,000 people live in the United states, they work in other countries. Some part of the iPhone are American. The software for the iPhone, for instance, and its marketing campaigns were created in the United States. Apple recently built a $500 million data center in North Carolina.Also another advantage for Apple was that China provided engineers at an extent the United States could not

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