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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The magazine I have chosen to analyse is who and the article and photos that are used are taken from the November 15, 2010 issue. Who magazine is marketed as Australians best-selling celebrity magazine this is certainly demonstrated with the November issue of Who with 25 of the 29 article featured in the magazine dealing directly with celebrities. Who magazines ideology is clearly closely associated with and interwoven in the world of celebrity news and gossip. In the section titled Who Scene Reporter Louise Talbot writes an article called And Theyre Off!

Celebrities bet on fun as Melbourne hosts two little race days detailing fashion and antics of local A-listers at Flemington on Derby Day and Melbourne Cup Day. The written part of the article is quite short, listing the most important celebrities that were spotted in the birdcage in Melbourne, often listing who they were coupled with or the odd fashion disaster. The bigger part of the article is the visual part of the article with four A4 pages covered with pictures of celebrities, their partners and their fashion.

This article demonstrates the weight and importance Who puts of the lives and activities of celebrities. In the section titled Who Loss appears an article that again deals with the life and experience of celebrity but this time in a more somber way, as Anita Quigley goes on to describe Lily Allens grief over the miscarriage of her baby boy in Lilys Baby Heartbreak the article details Allens public announcement of her pregnancy and the subsequent announcement of her miscarriage through the use of twitter then public press release.

Unlike the And theyre off this article is more focused on the writing while still using a lot of pictures, the images are used more effectively, almost chronicling the advents in the article. Including a photo that Allen had taken of herself with a newspaper which its headline read Lily Im Preggers. This article demonstrates who magazines desire to bring the reading public news about celebrities private lives. Star Style is another section in the magazine with the focus on celebrity but from a different angle making the fashion that celebrity is sporting available to everyone.

Siobhan Sheehan picks a celebrity and a photo of them in a particular style of clothes, in the case of this issue Nicky Hilton and Denim, and then suggests different pieces of clothing and accessories that can be used to achieve this celebrity worthy look. This part of the magazine allows the magazines readership to look at a celebrity, aspire to be like them and then gives them the tools to make that a reality (in the case of fashion anyway)

The ideology behind Who can be shown clearly in these three articles. Who wants their readership to think about the world through the lenses of celebrity and therefore living that out doing the same things as celebrities, wearing the same clothes, eating the same foods, celebrating the same things. In doing this they have guaranteed themselves a constant customer base because if people live there lives based on what the celebrities eat, think and do they will rely on Who to constantly inform of these things.

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