An Unforgettable Vacation Essay

Published: 2020-02-14 01:41:54
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2) Recall a place you were once fond of a vacation retreat.

Summer 2012, in the mid weeks of August; I can recall fond memories of the hot sand between my toes. The sun beaming of my aviator shades, crisp touch of my tan skin lying on a jumbo beach chair, in the beautiful Island of Destin Florida.

Here in this sanctuary, was like living in a dream, so different compared to anywhere I had ever been. Different in a special way, Destin is nothing but miles and miles of clear Blue Ocean with mounds of white powdered sand, Parcells in the sky with big smiles, dangling feet above your head. Every person you see is full of excitement glowing off their faces, you can just hear the joy in their giggles, nothing but joy feels the air in this amazing place. Being in Destin you can just let your hair down and relax, I feel like I am a completely different person here because there are no worries, no expectations, just peace and tranquility.

Destin is important to me because, when I am feeling down or I am stressed over work or school, sometimes I will just take a moment and go back and fond on those amazing memories I had there and escape back to the beautiful scenery, almost so close like I can feel the air brushing against me and the smell of the sea salt in the air. The bond I got to feel with my family and boyfriend it was unforgettable to have everyone there, to all be together and so happy, really an unforgettable vacation.

One of my fondest moments of this vacation, was going snorkeling with my entire family and finding tons of unique shells and seeing all the amazing sea life right in front of you. The most memorable moment was finding real live sandollars that was incredible, to be holding them in the palm of your hand feeling their gills brushing it with every breath, so amazingly unforgettable. This vacation really showed me to take in the amazing things you get to experience in your life, and make them into something beautiful that you can share with others. Getting the opportunity to take this vacation with my family was something we will all treasure for the rest of our lives and be able to carry with us to maybe one day bring our own families to.

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