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Published: 2020-01-22 21:10:46
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My reason for picking this topic is, because I would like to know more about global warming. What are the real dangers that we are facing due to global warming? What can we do to stop the exceeding rapid rates of global warming? I would like to imform other about the new knowledge that I obtain on the subect of globle warming.

Al Gore tell how people use to Think about global warming that the world was big enough and we would never have a problem. He also describes global warming as when the suns radiation comes in, in the form of light waves passing through earth atmosphere to heat the earth,and then it is re-radiated back into space in the form of infrared radiation, and some of the out going infrared radiation is trapped by the earth atmosphere and warms it. This thin layer of atmosphere is being thicken by all of the global warming pollution thats being put up there. He speaks of Mr. Roger Revelle as the first person to propose measuring carbon dioxide in the earths atmosphere. After the first years of data he intuited what it meant for what was to come. He and a team of other designed the experiment in 1957 with the help of Mr. Charles David Keeling. they started sending these weather balloons up every day.

The results of his measurements after only a few years it was startling. He drew the connections between the larger changes in our civilization, and this pattern that was now visible in the atmosphere of the entire plant, and then he projected into then future where this was headed unless we make some adjustments. Mount Kilimanjaro had icecaps 30 years ago. and now it has all melted. Mr. Lonnie Thompson, studies glaciers, and predicts there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro within the next decade. Its also is happening in Glacier National Park, and all around the world the ice is now gone. He mentions about CO2 and temperature, when there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer.

He speak of this not so much as a political issue,but a moral issue. It is deeply unethical. He had a lots of faith in the democratic system that these finding would be compelling enough to cause a real change but they were nt. He speak about when the oceans get warmer that cause stronger storms leading to a lots of big hurricanes and a all time record in the U.S. of tornado, and in Japan record set for typhoons. He contribute the changing of the season to global warming and changing nature plans. He also says that the burning of forests and brush fires causes more co2 to be pit into the air.what all of this means is our ability to a have a future to live in the earth.

I really enjoy the movie

The movie was very informing I got a better idea about what is happening around the world. I agree with Al Gore something must be done. It was amazing to me about how everything connect together like a domino effect. I picture in my mind how all these great mountains all around us is melting which is changing the temperature of the sea, which cause many of the worlds disaster by storms. Man is destroying himself. It makes me think can we go back where their was not a lots of invention that polluted our air. Can we truly find a solution to this mas, mass, mass, problem are have we went to far of no return.

I think about the air we breathe and the water we drink. I remember only about 40 yrs.ago when I was ten years old, my grandmother showed me where I could drink out a spring it was so clean and beautiful and fresh tasting, I hate to think if I when back there to drink what kind of substance would be in that water now. Everything is being effected our food, the animal niches,and season is changing we cant tell winter from fall or spring from summer and the insects cant tell neither. If we have gone to far to stop all the problems, why not do, what we can do, to correct what we can, for the future of our life on the earth.

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