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Published: 2020-02-17 15:01:28
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Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which points are scored by shooting a ball through a netted hoop fixed 10ft above each end of the court. Football is a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball used to throw or to run with on a field marked out as a gridiron. Basketball and football are two extremely popular sports but they are different in many was such as shape of the ball, playing surface, number of players, and style of play and length of game.

The first differences between basketball and football is the shape of the ball and what each team playing surface is. Basketballs are round and made for dribbling. Footballs are oval shaped and made for throwing passes and running with the ball high and tight. Basketball can be played in a gym or an outside court during hot, warm and cold weather. Football is played in a field during warm, cold, hot, snow and even rainy weather. Although both basketball and football are played with leather or composite leather balls but the similarities end there when it comes to a football and a basketball.

Basketballs are round and give a good bounce every time. Footballs have an oblong shape and take some weird bounces when they hit the ground. The footballs shape is intended to fly better in the air and be easier to catch. In addition, basketballs are larger and heavier than footballs. Even though Basketball courts are much shorter and narrower than football fields. The National Basketball Association noted that all basketball courts should measure 94 feet by 50 feet, which is quite small compared to football fields because they are 120 yards by 53.

3 yards, or (360 feet by 160 feet). Indoor basketball courts usually are made of wood, while football fields use natural grass or a synthetic also Both basketball and football are considered team sports since there are several people playing at once. Basketball teams are allowed to play with five players on the court at one time, while football teams play with 11 at a time. Basketball teams usually have between 12 and 15 players on the roster, while football rosters can range from 50 in professional play to 75 in college games.

Football and basketball have decidedly different styles of play based on the rules. Football is a contact sport, with tackles and physical hits and collisions on every play. Basketball is considered a non-contact sport a physical contact in basketball is a violation that would result in fouls. Basketball games are higher scoring than football even though basketball teams are awarded only 2 or 3 points for a made field goal and 1 point for a made free throw.

Football grants 6 points for a touchdown, 3 points for a field goal and 2 points for a safety, but scoring is much less frequent than in basketball. Football games are played for much longer times than basketball games. Football games at the professional and college level have 60 minutes in a game, while high school football plays 48 minute games. Basketball plays 48 minute games at the pro level, 40 minute games in college and 32 minute games in high school.

Both football and basketball games have several thing that will stop he game due to timeouts, fouls or penalties and halftime, which means both last much longer than the actual game time is self. That is probably the reason basketball and football are so popular all around the world because they are so different and people dont want to see the same stuff going on between different sports. All in all, most sports, especially team sports like basketball and football, give players a chance to develop themselves physically. These differences in both sports is what makes them so popular to the world.

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