America, Stand Up for Justice and Decency Essay

Published: 2020-01-12 17:41:35
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In her article, America, Stand Up¦ Hernandez talks about how six Mexican farmworkers were beaten and shot to death in southern Georgia. Those six men worked where a normal American could not get paid enough to waste their time doing, and they were killed for their hard earned money. She continued on with the story, going into further detail about how the men pillaged the trailer park. News of the tragedy only spread locally, not even making headlines. Two weeks after the attacks, immigrants still fear that the attackers will return.

Hernandez goes on to talk about the rate of attacks that actually get reported are exponentially lower than the ones that dont get reported. She also goes on to give more examples of the crimes against immigrants, mostly those of Mexican descent. She also begins to talk about some solutions that can be implemented to help stop such crimes. She suggests that bank accounts should be easy for immigrants to create and only require a Mexican-consulate ID.

She also goes on to talk about stopping the hate-talk because it just gives individuals, like the ones in Georgia, a license to kill and others to ignore those killings. Hernandez goes on to say that even if you are against illegal immigration no one should stand for senseless murder, especially to those that are helpless as it is. She says we should be outraged. We must demand justice. Or else the real criminals here will win. When I first read the article, I was shocked.

Even though I knew that this sort of senseless killing happens, it never really hit home until some of the details were brought to light by Hernandez. This article is a call to action to stop people from killing innocent immigrants. It gives us an opportunity to change the way we use our rhetoric when addressing illegal immigrants. Instead of calling them criminals or other degrading terms that make it easy to target them, we need to be more careful of our word choice. After all they are human just like us.

I also think that the law needs to protect them just as well as us normal citizens, and not just turn a blind eye. Hernandez does a good job portraying the struggle of Mexican immigrants and getting the audience to want to help. I think this article was targeted towards all of us because she wants all of us to change the way we speak. We need to be less degrading in the way we speak to prevent these individuals from acting upon words that degrade certain groups of people.

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