Almost. Maine Test (Play) Essay

Published: 2019-12-17 20:01:14
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True or False:
1) Phil and Marci are married.
2) The setting for the play is Eastport, Maine.
3) Steve is Marvaylns boyfriend.
4) Randy and Chad are a couple.
5) Gayle and Lendall are married.
6) Rhonda and Dave went snowmobiling.
7) Pete is left alone at the end of the play.
8) Jimmy is Sandrines ex-boyfriend.
9) Chad works as the mill.
10) Randys ex-girlfriends face broke while they were dancing.

Multiple Choice:

11) What is Marvalyn doing in the beginning of her scene?
a) Washing dishes
b) Folding clothes
c) Ironing clothes
d) Reading a book
12) What is inside the tiny bag that Lendall gives to Gayle? a) Chocolate
b) A ring
c) Flower
d) A card
13) Where does Marcis second shoe come from?
a) The sky
b) Phil finds the shoe for her
c) Under the bench
d) The car
14) What is Dannys wifes name?
a) Ginette
b) Hope
c) Suzette
d) Glory
15) Why is Sandrine at the Moose Paddy?
a) She is a waitress there
b) She came to meet Jimmy
c) She is there for her bachelorette party
d) For a drink
16) Dave and Rhonda are ____________:
a) Brother and sister
b) Married
c) Boyfriend and girlfriend
d) Friends
17) The waitresss name at the Moose Paddy is __________:
a) Sandrine
b) Villian
c) Hope
d) Marci
18) All of these characters are in the play Almost, Maine except ________: a) Sandrine
b) Pete
c) Michael
d) East
19) Jimmys tattoo says _________:
a) Sandrine
b) Villain
c) Waitress
d) Villian
20) Where does Hope take a taxi from?
a) Boston
b) Baltimore
c) Bangor
d) Easton
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