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Introduction In this assignment, I am going to discuss about the potential benefits as well as problems associated with serving alcoholic beverages in an establishment. Besides, I will also describe the advantages and disadvantages of having varieties of beverages. Apart from that, effects of alcohol to the human body, how to recognize signs of alcohol abuse and the proper way of handling intoxicated guests and alcohol related laws in Malaysia will be discussed in the essay below. Lastly, I will mention about the responsibility of establishments in serving alcoholic beverages as well.

Content In chemistry, alcohol is an organic compound that has a lot of uses in it. There are many different types of alcohol such as methanol, ethanol and propanol. They have different types of usage. Generally, alcohol can use for drinking, in medical use, as a solvent, as fuel, as additives inside the cosmetics as well as a cleaning agent. Normal use of alcohol in beverages is ethanol. Nowadays, there is very common that a restaurant or an establishment serving alcoholic beverages like beers, cocktails, wines, whiskeys and liquors.

Serving alcoholic beverages in an establishment brings a lot of benefits to the establishment. It could create wide verities for the customers to choose. Especially cocktails, there are so many cocktails that can be created from different ingredients. Indeed, customers will enjoy more in an establishment that serve alcoholic beverages. Besides, a lot of customers enjoy their food pairing with certain alcoholic beverages and alcoholic drink could play an important role to warm up an occasion. So, an establishment that fulfill the customer needs will definitely become a better choice.

Other than that, serving alcoholic beverages normally generate higher revenue as the beverage could cost much more higher than non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea and juices. Customers are willing to pay more for alcoholic beverages instead of the non-alcoholic beverages. However, there are still some problems to serve alcoholic beverages. It is important for an establishment to serve alcohol legally. Getting license through a right way is indeed important even it might be a long process.

Besides, an establishment should serve alcohol ethically as they should not serve it to the minors and religious that restricted to alcohol. Optimum serving of alcohol also essential to avoid the customers over consume the alcohol and become intoxicated. They might cause unwanted issues to happen and the establishment has the responsibility on it. Hence, there are such challenges for an establishment to serve alcoholic beverages. Having more varieties to the customer It is definitely good to have verities of choices to the customers. With more verities, customers can have more choices to choose of.

Indirectly it may increase the sales as some of the customers like to try every item. So they may come back to the establishment for a lot of times. Yet, having more verities sometimes it might slower down the peace of the establishment because the customer will take longer time to make their decision. Other than that, the establishment needs to prepare more ingredients in order to make every menu items available. As a result, it easily increases the cost to maintain the establishment. How alcohol affects human body There are pros and cons of drinking alcohol.

Alcohol affects human body in both good and bad ways. By the way, it depends on individual as well such as their weight and height, the gender, the rate of consumption, rate of absorption and also the tolerance of alcohol in each individual. Over consume or misused of alcohol will definitely cause bad effects to human body. Researchers found that women who had as little as one drink a day boosted their risk of lung, liver, and breast cancer and contributes to such diseases as cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, malnutrition, ulcers, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

In a long run, alcohol can destroy brain tissues in the cerebellum, leading to irreversible damage to the brain and causing permanent problems with unsteady walk, dulled thinking, and slurred speech. (Doheny, 2005) It will cause death as well if 100ml of blood content more than 0. 5g of alcohol. (Alcohol and the Human Body, 2009) However, there are positive relationship between alcohol and human body. Studies show, moderate drinking able to reducethe risk of heart disease. Dr.

Kenneth Mukamal, an internist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in Bostonfround that men who consume alcohol between three and seven days a week haslower risk of suffering from heart attacks than men who drink once a week after 12 years of follow up. The benefits of alcohol are on blood vessels and on blockages in the arteries.

This might be related to alcohols effect on the good cholesterol, the HDL cholesterol. A moderate drinking also improves the bodys sensitivity to insulin. Besides, it lower the risk of diabetes has been seen in women and men. There is also evidence shows that moderate drinking may prevent silent strokes or other subtle types of brain injury that we know it can predispose to dementia in the future.

(Drinking Alcohol and Benefits, 2003) Signs of alcohol abuse There are dissimilarities between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Alcohol abusers have some ability to set limits on their drinking unlike alcoholism. Though, their alcohol use is still self-destructive and might cause injuries to themselves or others. There are some sign to determine the alcohol abuse. Repeatedly neglecting the responsibilities at home, work, or school is one of the most common sign. Using alcohol in situations where its physically dangerous is also a form of alcohol abuse.

For example, drinking and driving and operating machinery while intoxicated. Another good example for alcohol abuse is continuing to drink althoughit is causing problems in relationships. It will easily upset the family and caused fight between family members when they dislike the act when you are drunk. In fact, not all alcohol abusers will become full-blown alcoholics, but it is a big risk factor. Hence, it is important to take a good self-control to avoid becoming alcoholism. (Smith, M 2011) How to Handle Intoxicated Guests.

It is common to handle intoxicated guest in an establishment which sells alcoholic drinks. There are proper ways to handle the intoxicated guest to make sure the security of the particular guest, the people around and of course the establishment. First, it is important to stay calm. Never embarrass and argue with the intoxicated guest and bring the intoxicated guest to area that away from crowd. Deal with the situation in calm, speak to the person directly, and firmly explain that what they are doing is unacceptable at your party. Empathy is essential in this phase. Acknowledge the guests anger or frustration.

Remind the guests that they are in others establishment and explain to them as well we have the responsibility for their safety and dont want to see them get hurt. If unsuccessfully calm the guest down or convince them to stop what they are doing, asks a friend of theirs to try. Worse come to worse, send the guest out of the establishment without forgetting the responsibility of the guest safety. Try to call a taxi, or ask their friend to send them home safely. Lastly, if the situation is out of control, seek help from police to avoid any unwanted incident to happen.

(How to Handle Intoxicated Guest, ND) Alcohol related law There is surely some law restriction to control both parties which are the establishment selling alcoholic beverages as well as the consumers themselves. It is necessary to take control over that to ensure the safety of both parties. For establishments that wanted to sell alcohol, they are compulsory to apply for license. Unlicensed liquor sales are illegal under Malaysias 1976 Excise Act (Section 32[1] and 33[1]). Besides, a lot of accident happened because of people drive after they drink.

Hence, Malaysia had set a legal blood alcohol limit which is 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. For the first offense, the driver will be fined, jailed for six months or both if driving while over that limit. In addition to losing his driving privileges indefinitely. (ONeil, ND) Other than that, there is Syariah Law which is a set of law to control the behavior of the Muslims. In fact, Muslims are not allowed to consume alcohol because alcohol is not Halal. Those Muslims who caught drinking especially woman, will be charged under Syariah law. (Syarial Law in Malaysia, 2010).

Responsibility of establishment who serve alcohol Alcohol will easily cause a person to get intoxicated, hence, the establishment who selling alcohol has certain level or responsibility to conduct in order to prevent problems and concern with everyone safety. They have to be aware of the amount of alcohol being sold and served to all customers. They determine how many drinks can be served to a customer over a specific time period without becoming intoxicatedbased on body size and gender. Before additional sales of alcohol, talk with customers to try to determine how much alcohol has already been consumed.

If a potential problem is seen, discontinue selling and serving is important. Taking care of the guest safety is necessary such as do not let intoxicated guest drive and let them stay back and have some hot drinks until they are awake from drunkenness. Henceforth, everyone safety is guaranteed and of course the establishment is free from liability. (Katsigris, C, 2007) Conclusion In a nut shell, it is not everything bad in alcohol. It really cn be helpful or useful when they are handled correctly. Hence, be wise and think wise before drinking or using alcohol. Drink with the correct amount, and use in a correct way.

Do not misuse the alcohol until it harm you, your family or people around you. Reference, Doheny, K, 2005, Alcohol and Your Health, Online, retrieved 28th May 2012, from http://www. webmd. com/cancer/features/faq-alcohol-and-your-health Anon, 2009, Alcohol and Human Body, online, retrieved 31st May 2012, from http://www. intox. com/t-Physiology. aspx? action=saveclose&country=Malaysia Anon, 2003, Drinking Alcohol and Benefits, online, retrieved 31st May 2012, from http://www. medicalnewstoday. com/releases/3968. php Smith, M, Robinson, L & Segal, J, 2011.

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, online, retrieved 31st May 2012, from http://www.helpguide. org/mental/alcohol_abuse_alcoholism_signs_effects_treatment. htm Anon, ND, How to Handle Intoxicated Guest, online, retrieved 1st June 2012, from http://www. peelregion. ca/health/responsible/handle/ ONeil, A, ND, Alcohol Polices in Malaysia, online, retrieved 1st June 2012, form http://www. ehow. com/list_6302108_alcohol-policies-malaysia. html Anon, 2010, Syariah Law in Malaysia, online, retrieved 2nd June 2012, from http://www. theborneopost. com/2010/08/09/syariah-laws-in-malaysia/ Katsigris, C & Thomas C 2007, The Bar and Beverage Book, John Wiley & Sons, INC.

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