Alabama School District Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 12:32:33
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The purpose of this research is to look at rural Alabama school districts and to look at the overall effects that the exit examinations have had on the teachers and how they choose to teach in their classrooms. The problem has been that it has been suggested that the exit examinations have been biased towards students who being taught in specific school districts and these are typically associated with the urban locations. It has also been suggested that there be needs to be a difference in the instructional practices of the teachers in order to be able to do well on their exit examinations.

Research Questions There are many research questions that can be answered through the research. One of the main questions is: What is the overall effect that the examination has had on how teachers are instructing their classrooms? Some other questions that can be answered include the following. How has your teaching style changed since the exit examination has been in place? What are the disadvantages to the exit examination? What are the advantages to the exit examination?

Is there biasness against the rural school districts in the exit examination? Has the overall effect of the exit examination been good or bad for the students? What are the disadvantages for teachers who are teaching with the exit examination in place? To be able to answer these questions fully and completely will best show how the teachers are able to be in a better situation no matter what school district they are teaching in or the location of the school district.

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