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Published: 2020-01-30 04:50:38
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Second Website http://teams. lacoe. edu Amys Electronic class room is a very fun learning website which offers excellent learning tool to kids. This website teaches Number concepts, Algebra and Geometry however the complexity of the subjects increases for different level of students. The methodology used is really interactive and involve students to complete different Flash based exercises and such the methodology is clearly based on the standards of NTCM. The mathematical operations included on this site are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

This website is for the students between age group of 3 to 8 years. The activities presented on this site are visual in nature and therefore add students to learn and remember different operations and activities visually. This therefore allows students to learn mathematics with added support of visuals and as such contribute towards the development of students learning capabilities. These activities would contribute towards the achievement of students by increasing their capability to perform the different mathematical operations at relatively quick pace.

Activities would definitely serve as a differentiation tool for the teachers because they are really interactive and keep the interest of the student intact by offering activities which are not only visual in nature but also easy to perform and lead the students to learn and experience computer at really early age. Third Website http://www. gamequarium. com The activities on this site which support the standards include different basic operations which allow students to add, subtract, divide and multiply besides offering other activities to improve upon the mathematical abilities of the students.

The methodology is really simple as it presents basic operations in a more visual manner as the students are led to different flash based computations which are easy to learn and keep the interest of the students intact. The mathematical operations used include addition and subtraction. Though it is not clearly mentioned as to which grade levels this website supports however, given the complexity of the lessons, it seems that this website supports students up to the age group of 5. These mathematical activities are important for the students because they offer a very fun and easy learning environment to the students.

Like earlier sites discussed above, this website also offers a very interactive way of teaching math to the students and can improve upon their chances to achieve more with learning visually and in more fun way. Though the website provides almost a same type of learning environment as other websites however, what is important about this website is the fact that it links with other websites which offer more better and interactive learning environment which definitely would add up to differentiation of the instructions.

Fourth Website http://www. aplusmath. com This website offer different interactive math learning environment which comprises of different activities which students have to perform. This website therefore offers activities such as basic interactive math operations such as Multiplication, division and addition complying with the standards of NTCM. The methodology is again based on interactive learning where students tend to learn different math operations through their involvement into solving and playing different math games.

Though the specific standards are not mentioned on the site however considering the complexity of the problems it seems that the standards are up to the age level of 8 years of grade level. These activities are critical to understand the math because they offer a very unique and interactive way of learning and as such improve the capabilities of the children to solve math problems through the use of visual activities.

These activities can improve the achievement chances of the students because they involve the students and as such provide a direct method of learning without the involvement of a teacher or the school environment. Since the activities offered interactive therefore they can really add to the differentiation in teaching style. However, it is also critical to understand that the teaching style and individual personality of the teacher also largely depends upon how the teacher can differentiate her teaching style and combine the interactive math learning with the classroom learning.

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