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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Narrator: It was a humid day in Eternia, a serene kingdom near the Leonad Mountains where people of different strata peacefully live and work. Here reside common people, laboring at the field. Some townspeople were merchants, selling all that people use and want; from salts and pepper to priceless porcelain vase and platters. The few others were from the royal line, born with the gold spoon in their mouth.

           In this quiet and humble place lives a young man of twenty years. He was of fair complexion, having maize yellow tresses, and brilliant sky blue eyes. Though born as a baron, he chose to live with the common people. And since there was no special task for him to do today, he sat an old tree stump, nonchalantly staring at the drifting clouds until he noticed a sparkling thing falling.

Alexander: What could that be? (Reaches out his hand and wait for the white frost to land his palm.) Snow? This is impossible. A crystal fragment in the midst of a hot summer cannot be. (He gazes at the sky as the chaotic-looking dark clouds swiftly wrap the then hot orange sun.)

Narrator: Everything happened in an instant. As the dark clouds approached, hailstorms emerged, bringing forth stone-hard snow that falls ruggedly down their peaceful town. There were relentless thunderstorms and strong gusts of winds threatened to devastate every little house that stands on the craggy land. People are horrified at the sudden dilemma. Every one looked for a secure cover. Their modest homes could not offer safety at this point. They must find a more cosseted hiding place.

Townspeople: Run! Run for your life!

Alexander: (Looked back with a worried facial impression) My mother. Shes still at home (Turns to run back home).

Narrator: Try as he might, Alexander could not get across the horde of people banging him; each one running and looking for a safe place to hide. He was swayed along the current like a paper boat that was put to float in a river.

         Soon enough, he found himself standing side by side with a mass of people in a cave that was used during the more ancient times for offering rituals. He looked out the cave as the devilish weather passed their town. Like the people near him, he could not do anything; just stare as the storm destroyed their homes, uprooting every plant, and killing their domestic animals. The little children could not be stopped from crying and everyone was sober at the situation.

Alexander: (Rubbing his hands together and speaking in his mind) Maybe my mother is somewhere here. A good neighbor might have helped her. I know shes not dead. I can feel it (He felt someone tugging his clothes).

Little girl: Good sir, did you see my mother? She was beside me just a moment ago, but I lost her.

Narrator: The child, holding a rug doll, shows a warranted courage yet her eyes seem to cry her heart out.

Alexander: Maybe she is somewhere here. We cant go and find her at this moment. But you can hold my hand and stand beside me. When the storm abated, well go look for her. Is that alright little angel? (Smiles warmly at the child)

Little girl: Its alright sir. Thank you very much (Grasp Alexanders hand firmly).

Narrator: So they stood against each other waiting for the monstrous weather to subside. After several hours had passed, the dark clouds left, leaving a trail of confounded people.

Alexander: Let us go find your mother. I may need to go forth and search for my mother as well (Lead himself and the little girl out of the cave).

Narrator: Every path they crossed looked horrible and plainly wrecked. Houses were totally destroyed, some remains even standing upside down.

Little girl: (Tugging hard at Alexander) Sir, that woman laying there looks like my mother!

Alexander: I will go and see. Wait for me here. (Tracks the way down to the woman lying still in the ground).

Little Girl: I understand sir.

Alexander: (Kneels down and reached for the womans hand. He focused and tried to feel for pulse in her wrist) There is no sign of heart beat. (Sighs hard) This woman is dead. (Looked back at the child and slowly walks toward her)

Little Girl: Did you see her sir? I am worried that she will get sick because she is lying flat on the ground. It is cold, she might get a fever.

Alexander: Your mother is dead. We cannot do anything about her now. Hold my hand and well now look for my mother.

Narrator: The little girl followed silently. She was shocked at the revelations and could not find any words to say. When the realizations started to sink in her mind, she cried out hard. Alexander could not do anything but hold her hand in assurance.

         When they reached his home, Alexander was more than disappointed. His house, though quite big and sturdy, was destroyed. After looking from the outside, he left the child for a moment, telling her that he will be gone for just a second and searched the houses remains for his mother. Minutes turned to hours but his search was in vain. He was at lost and near to frustration when a blinding light glimmered in front of him. When the light faded, a cloaked figure materialized.

Cloaked figure: Fear not thy loyal servant.

Alexander: (Confused at the persons strange words and appearance) Who are you?

Cloaked figure: (Pushing back his hood, thus showing his olden face) I am Silva, your majesty (Bends slightly in a courtly manner). The storm that your town had just witnessed was a result of Shinmas release from the sealed abyss.

Alexander: (Even more confused) I do not understand a word you are saying sire.  Please do not call me majesty as I have but turned back from being a baron more than a decade ago. May I be excused from this conversation? I have more important matters to attend to.

Silva: Do not look any further your majesty. I know who you are looking for and can tell you that she is safe.

Alexander: (Stares skeptically at the old man) My mother, youre saying she is well? Where is she? Tell me (Leaned closer and hold Silvas shoulders).

Silva: Ah¦ The strength of youth. I know indeed the answer to your questions. Your mother, she is comfortably sleeping at the elves den found at the Northern forest. But she was more than ill. The storm that had passed was no ordinary storm. It brings with it an almost incurable disease. A disease that slowly eats the human flesh.

Alexander: Disease? All of this is impossible!

Silva: The truth certainly is hard to accept your majesty. But do not worry, everything would be back to normal once you have captured and defeated Shinma.

Alexander: You have said yourself that that Shinma was an evil spirit. How could you possibly tell me that I could fight and defeat it? (Eyebrows turned to a V)

Silva: (Looking at the sapphire stone in his staff) It would be a difficult journey but you could, as Ive said, win over Shinma. (Pauses and stares at Alexanders eyes) You need to see the goddess Celene in her temple at the city of Zion. Ask for her guidance and she will give you the sword Havellion. That is the only sword that could help you conquer Shinma and his allies. Besides, the blood of the greatest warriors runs in your veins. I could tell because of the tattoo at the base of your neck.

Alexander: If I triumph over Shinma, my mother will survive and we will be reconciled?

Silva: Yes majesty. That is correct. Once you have defeated him, you will not only save your mother and all the town of this world, but also that little girl that stands behind you. She was infected by the disease. I could tell because of the marks that are slowly showing itself on her skin.

Alexander: I could not believe everything you say but if this I must do, I will go.

Silva: Take this amulet with you. It will help you along the way. (Puts a necklace bearing a blue gem in Alexanders hand) Once you have acquired the Havellion, you will be ready to see Shinma at the core of the Leonad Mountains. Take good care my Lord.

Alexander: I will. (Walks toward the little girl and kneels) Little angel, listen well. (Holding the child by her shoulders) I am to travel into an unknown journey. But remember that I am to do this for all our peoples sake. You will be lonely while I am away but I will entrust you to a closest kin and your mother will be buried properly as I wish. But you will be careful whilst I am away would you not?

Little Girl: I will good sire.

Alexander: Let us go then.

Narrator: And so, Alexander brought the little girl to his cousin, a gorgeous and intellectual woman whom he trusts most. After his very brief stay, he traveled forth to meet with the goddess Celene. Three days and three nights he spent on his journey and soon he arrived at the busy city of the merchant country Zion. He was somewhat at lost seeing so many people crowding at such a small place. But with his steadfast determination he quickly found the temple.

Alexander: At last, the temple of Celene. (Lighting a gold encrusted torch and speaking at the top of his voice)  Hear me goddess!

Celene: (Appearing only like a shadowy mist and speaking with a voice that seems to come from under the ground) Who are you stranger who have disrupted my peaceful sleep..?

Alexander: I am Alexander from the kingdom of Eternia and I have come to seek your guidance and ask for the Havellion.

Celene: The sword Havellion? Who have told you of that unearthly weapon and who are you to ask of it?

Alexander: Silva, an ancient looking wizard, has told me. He has said that I am to defeat the spirit Shinma, who had just been freed from the sealed abyss, with the mystical sword. For in me runs blood of the most feared and hailed warriors.

Celene: (Shows herself in human form; having snow-white complexion, angelic face, and ebony black hair) Silva you say? I have heard of him and know of his great wisdom and powers. But I have never thought he would choose such a young untrained man.

Alexander: Ah¦ But you are deceived by my innocent looks my mistress (Bowing courtly). I have much more experience than a kings soldier who has trained through years.

Celene: (Laughs gently) And I would never have guessed you are such a proud man. If you could answer the riddle I am to give you, I will let you take the Havellion. I would even help you through the tedious journey you are to traverse.

Alexander: If that is the case my mistress, then let me hear the riddle.

Celene: (Pausing for a short moment) It always run but never walks. Often murmurs but never talk. It has a mouth but doesnt eat. It has a bed but doesnt sleep. What is it?

Alexander: (Thinking hard and whispering) Strange indeed. Runs but never walks and murmurs but never talks. Could it be an animal? No. No animal would not eat.

Narrator: Seconds passed and minutes flew into hours but still Alexander could not figure out the answer to the riddle. He looks into the goddess eyes only to see defeat. He had almost given up when the amulet Silva gave gleamed. From there came a hush voice.

Voice: (In a very very low sound) River. The answer to the riddle is river.

Alexander: (Hearing the answer, he stood upright and is now blessed with renewed vigor) I know the answer! It is river. River waters run but never walk. As it flows, it murmurs but still never talks. It has a mouth but it never eats. And while it has a riverbed, it doesnt sleep!

Celene: (Surprised at Alexanders answer) I guess have underestimated your abilities. I will keep my promise. Take the Havellion with you (Giving the sword to Alexander). Keep this ring as well. With that I can hear your call. Speak my name and I will be there.

Alexander: My utmost gratitude goddess. (Bends courtly)

Narrator: With the Havellion in his hands, Alexander set forth to meet face to face with Shinma. The travel going onto the core of the Leonad Mountains was tough and treacherous. But through the constant help of the goddess Celene, through the ring she have given him, he survived. When he had come ten miles close to the core, he was welcomed by birdlike creatures. The monster couple, Avians as called by Shinma, looks at him with sharp eyes, like he is food and wants him dead and served”their body seems very much like human: they got shoulders, abdomen, thighs, and arms; if only they have normal human hair instead of feather, a human head instead of a birds, and if they dont have wings attached to their arms.

Avians: Aaaarrghhhkk¦

Alexander: The first real road block. Better get over these fast. Hyaaaa! (Aimed at one Avian and thrusts his sword.)

Narrator: The bird dodged the attack though was left with a deep cut in the right arm. Having his right wing injured, the creature fell to the ground, giving Alexander enough time and space to thrusts his sword and kill him. The other Avian was enraged by the death of his companion and assault Alexander with his beak. Alexander used the Havellion as a shield and evaded the attack.

The bird moved a little away and threw feather darts toward him. He tried to block all the feathers but one got him in the left cheek, leaving him a shallow cut. After the Avians attack, Alexander moved to kill it. But before he could get closer to the bird, a furious arrow appeared past him, shredding some of his golden locks, and swiftly plunging at the creatures heart. When the creature fall dead on the ground, he hear a voice.

Voice: Youre a very much like a slowpoke. If you want that creature dead, you should have used your agility and mind.

Alexander: (Turning to look at where the voice came from) May I know who you are to say so?

Narrator: The voice showed itself to be an elf in his mid-age; with a handsomely built body, auburn tresses and light brown skin.

Voice: My name is Ryallon. I came from the elves den at the Northern forest. And I, my sir, am a most adored archer in our country.

Alexander: Ah¦ I see. But how could you have possibly told me the words you have earlier said?

Ryallon: That is fairly because I am much familiar with the unknown creatures to humans like you. Ive heard from old Silva that you are traveling to meet and seal Shinma once again; and I see now that you already have in your hands the Havellion.

Alexander: So you know of my journey as well? I didnt know I would be famous so quickly.

Ryallon: Do not flatter yourself just because you are chosen. Shinma is a very fierce creature, and it would take more than a mystical sword to put him back in the abyss. I understand why Silva has chosen you. I would bet that its primarily because of the stigma in your neck. But you alone could not defeat him. So I have come to help you.

Alexander: Such a long speech, I would say. But I can comprehend what you mean. I know you have come here not to help me but to defeat Shinma yourself. We should not waste any more time here. Let us go.

Ryallon: As you say.

Narrator: The duo track the way to the core of the Leonad Mountains. The way, as they go deeper into the mount, becomes misty and cold. The more they get closer, the more chilling the surrounding becomes.

Alexander: (Teeth chattering) Its so cold. I would die frosted in here.

Ryallon: (Perfectly normal) You humans are weakest of the creatures. Didnt Silva give you an amulet? Use it.

Alexander: (Clasping his body) How?

Ryallon: Concentrate on what you want to happen, on what you wish to happen. When you have focused, think as if it is becoming real. Soon, what you wish will be reality.

Alexander: (Focusing on his thoughts with eyes closed) I wish there is fire to guide us and keep us warm; A ball of fire that will serve as our torch and our heat. It is a ball of gas slowly heating. The ball of gas turns into a hot ball of flame.

Narrator: In an instant, there materialized a floating ball of flame. When Alexander opened his eyes, what he wished for came true.

Alexander: I never thought it would be that easy. Come on, we cant waste time!

Ryallon: (Head turning in disapproval) Let us move.

Narrator: After the short break they have, they went deeper into the mountains. Soon they saw an opening at one of the mountains; like a gate to Hell itself.

Ryallon: Shinma really is a devil! That place looks like Hell.

Alexander: Let us go inside.

Narrator: The two went inside and in a few moments saw the sleeping Shinma. Alexander was astonished at what his saw. Shinma looks like a dragon, a giant black dragon with oversized fangs, strong-looking wings, and long curving horns.

Alexander: Wake up you monster!

Narrator: The devilish dragon slowly woke up from its slumber. Seeing intruders at his territory, he was alarmed; especially since one of them holds the sword Havellion, the sword that was used to seal him more than five millenniums ago.

Shinma: (With strong, thundering voice) Foolish men who have thought that you could defeat me and seal me once again? Your efforts will be put to waste for I will kill you both and you would be the trophies to start my world domination!

Alexander: Not if we could kill you first!

Narrator: Shinma swayed his tail to hit Alexander but was dodged. Ryallon spontaneously hurled arrows, some successfully hitting the dragon in the abdomen and at the back. Alexander then moved to thrust the sword in Shinmas chest but was hit by the dragons strong arm. Shinma in return blew fire at him. He evaded the attack by materializing an invisible shield through the use of Silvas amulet. Minutes slowly passed as Alexander and Ryallon continue the fight.

Alexander looked straight at Ryallons eyes and the elf rapidly got the idea. He moved in front of the dragon, annoying him as much as he could by his blows and arrows. Alexander seizes the opportunity and ran at the back of the dragon. It was too late for Shinma when he realized that Alexander was missing. With a high jump and the amulets power, Alexander landed at the dragons head and with a strong final blow he thrusts the Havellion deeply at the center of Shinmas head.

Alexander: Die malignant spirit and go back to the abyss where you belong!

Narrator: The dragon fell dead on the ground. At that point, the gem at the base of the Havellion shined. After the blinding light, the ground shook and open, eating the dragon and pulling Shinma back to the abyss. When the shaking is through and the ground closed, Alexander found a strange looking bottle, exactly where Shinma lay dead moments ago.

Ryallon: Quick, we need to go out! The cave is starting to collapse!

Alexander: Let us go!

Narrator: The two set out and run for their lives. Debris upon debris of huge stones fell and crashed that they almost thought they would be buried alive.

Alexander: (With hints of fear in his voice) Celene!

Narrator: As fast as the urgent call, Celene appeared. She used her powers to create a portal out of the mountains which Ryallon and Alexander used to survive.

Ryallon: That is a close one.

Alexander: Indeed. My most solemn gratitude to you my mistress.

Celene: It was nothing compare to what you have done. Go home now and bring the good news.

Alexander: I will.

Narrator: So the two went home glad and victorious. The whole town welcomed them with the warmest greetings. Upon Silvas request, Alexander gives him the strange bottle he found in Shinmas lair. It turned out to be the antidote for the disease Shinma have brought. With the cure found, Alexanders mother was healed and was brought back to live with her son. The little girl was rejoined with them as well.

Alexander: I am more than happy to see you mother. And you too little angel. I thought I would never see you two again. (Hugs his mother and then turned to hug the child)

Mother: You are as courageous as our ancestors. Come and I will cook your most favorite dish.

Alexander: I would love that. Let us go inside. (Holding the little girls hands)

Little girl: My pleasure. (Smiling warmly)

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