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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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According to Aristotle, Form * Is that which disciplines, directs and constrains matter. * You are a bit of matter come to existence with various forms that are within. If the form of being triangle makes it possible to have a certain degree, then your form should be giving you that kind of necessity. Forms bring you into reality. When form brings discipline, structure, through time in the universe does it do through discipline. Determinism is whatever is going on is the only way things are going on. Form in a plurised universe .

* Is that which makes matter become what is real * Is definable and intelligible * Exists substances Material v Immaterial Substance * Aristotle is reductionist, what Aristotle is tring to do is looking forward to us and say wel look I really my self odont know what the universe works. But whatever the universe works it will always be reduced to matter and form. * There is a lot of forms * Some substance can change while retaining tier identity (MATERIAL) * They contain matter and form (all sensible substances) * Some substances cannot change (IMMATERIAL).

* They do not contain matter (celestial objects, God the unmoved mover) * Since they do not contain matter, they are sui generis (one per kind/species/category) Identity and Essence * Substances with matter can change, substances without matter cannot change. Example of Atistotle: Socrates is a substance with matter and form, its taken for granted that Socrates is a certain type of substance, in a category, genes, species, and it is obvious that Socrates is a rational animal. What is a rational animal, animals are physical things. * Distinction between what is and what can be.

Socrates can be handsome even if hes not handsome, but he cannot be a sugarcookie. It is essential for Socrates to be a rational creature to be who he is. * If you want to be a substance your first must get into a category (species genie) something that is not subject to change (an essence part of a real thing that is essential of it being the kind or specific thing he is). * How change works in material substance * Matter remains (compare soc. Security number) * Form exchanged * Distinguish essential (substantial) from accidental form. * Some forms are essential and some forms are accidental Whats really essential.

* Contrast generic and personal essence * Socrates, the rational animal * Socrates, the inquisitive philosopher * Two types of essential forms? * Out of all the substance that exist out there, what forms are important to make a substance what it is and which forms simply dont matter? An imperisist says that someone with out experience has nothing to say about a partainging subject When your born like a blank piece of paper that has no experience. Unless and until you conuct and expirement and conduct a hypotheis then your word does not count. Essential * What makes a form essential or accidental? *

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