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Published: 2020-02-24 14:22:24
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Harmony: when everything in life is working together. Harmony: a feeling of inner peace, not necessarily contentment or overwhelming joy, just peace. Calm. Harmony is knowing that things are going to work out somehow, even when the world and everything around me seems to be falling apart or coming unglued. If I am in harmony, my mind and my heart are functioning as one, and my body is following. One is not controlling the other. I am peaceful and calm and I know that nothing can affect me. Harmony comes and goes.

It must be achieved, but this can only happen through hard work, self respect and confidence, and responsibility. One way to achieve harmony is realize that not everything can be controlled by ourselves. Other people do and can influence our lives, but we do not have to let them influence our emotions, especially in a negative way. Realizing that we cannot change other people or the way that they feel is another way to begin to acquire the calm that accompanies harmony. Working hard to ensure that our own needs are met in addition to everything else we must do is essential.

For example, I like to have a clean house, so when I have a clean house, I have a clean mind; nothing is plaguing and distracting my attention from enjoying my home and my time in it. Loving oneself and ones surroundings is also essential. If you dont like your house, change it. Make it yours. Make your life your own and respect it and love it. Find a calm spot inside where you can sit and reflect in mediation, even if for only twenty seconds. Living with harmony means living in a perfect place with oneself.

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