Accident in Basketball Court Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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It was a wet afternoon. Tom and Sam had arranged to meet up for a basketball game at the nearby basketball court. When they reached the basketball court, they were dismayed to find that the basketball court was still wet from the early morning downpour. Initially, Sam advised Tom not to play on the wet ground as it was slippery. Tom exclaimed, Dont worry! Nothing will happen. Sam then agreed reluctantly. They were playing merrily and were clearly in high spirits. At a time when Sam was about to score, Tom tried to snatch the ball. Unfortunately, Tom slipped on a puddle of water and fell flat on the cemented ground with a loud thud.

Tom lay unconscious on the ground, motionless. Immediately, Sam dropped the basketball on the ground and looked on in speechless dread. He was panicking and shivering with fear after seeing blood oozing out from Toms forehead. With his trembling jelly like legs, Sam ran to the nearby public telephone booth to make a call for an ambulance. Within minutes, an ambulance arrived. Two paramedics immediately administered first aid on Tom to stop the bleeding.

When the bleeding stopped, he was gently transferred onto a stretcher. The ambulance then raced to the nearest hospital. Concurrently, Sam telephoned Toms parents to inform them about the incident. At the hospital, Tom regained consciousness and had ten stitches on his forehead. Sam was happy and relieved to see that Tom was fine. After this painful incident, Tom and Sam vowed never to play on a slippery wet ground again.

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