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1.1 Title of the project
Access Control Proposal Project for IDI
1.2 Project schedule summary
The project will be a multi-year phased approach to have all sites (except JV and SA) on the same hardware and software platforms.
1.3 Project deliverables
¢ Solutions to the issues that specifies location of IDI is facing ¢ Plans to implement corporate-wide information access methods to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability ¢ Assessment of strengths and weaknesses in current IDI systems ¢ Address remote user and Web site users secure access requirements ¢ Proposed budget for the project”Hardware only

¢ Prepare detailed network and configuration diagrams outlining the proposed change
1.4 Project Guides
Course Project Access Control Proposal Guide
Juniper Networks Campus LAN Reference Architecture
1.5 Project Members
David Crenshaw, IT Architect and IT Security Specialist
Members of the IT Staff

1.6 Purpose
A proposal for improving IDIs computer network infrastructure is the purpose for this proposal. This project is intended to be used by IDIs information security team to developing a plan to improve IDIs computer network infrastructure at multiple locations.
1.7 Goals and Objectives

Objective 1
To assess the aging infrastructure and then develop a multi-year phased approach to have all sites (except for JV and SA) on the same hardware and software platforms.
Objective 2
The core infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, servers and etc.) must capable of withstanding 10 15% growth every year for the next seven years with a three-to-four year phased technology refresh cycle.
Objective 3

Solutions to the issues that the specifies location of IDI is facing
Objective 4
Assessment of strengths and weaknesses in current IDI systems
Objective 5
Address remote user and Web site users secure access requirements
Objective 6
Prepare detailed network and configuration diagrams outlining the proposed change
Objective 7
Prepare a 5 to 10 minute PowerPoint assisted presentation on important access control infrastructure, and management aspects from each location. Objective 8
A comprehensive network design that will incorporate all submitted requirements and allow for projected growth.
Objective 9
Final testing of all installed hardware, software, and network connectivity.
Objective 10
Initialization of the entire network and any last minute configuration adjustments to have the network up and operating within all specified ranges.

2 Current Environment
2.1 Overall:
There are a variety of servers, switches, routers, and internal hardware firewalls. Each of the organizations locations is operating with different information technologies and infrastructure”IT systems, applications, and databases. Various levels of IT security and access management have been implemented and embedded within their respective locations. The information technology infrastructure is old and many locations are running on outdated hardware and software. Also, the infrastructure is out dated in terms of patches and upgrades which greatly increase the risk to the network in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
2.2 Data Center:

Logisuite 4.2.2 has not been upgraded in almost 10 years. Also, numerous modifications have been made to the core engine and the license agreement has expired. Progressive upgrading to the current version will be required. As a result, renewing this product will be extremely cost and time-prohibitive.

RouteSim is a destination delivery program used to simulate routes, costs, and profits. It is not integrated into Logisuite or Oracle financials to take advantage of the databases for real-time currency evaluation and profit or loss projections.

IDIs office automation hardware and software has not been standardized. Managers have too much liberty to buy what they want according to personal preferences.

Other software problems include early versions of MS Office 5, WordPerfect 7.0, and PC-Write that are not compatible.

Telecommunications has not been since the company moved its current headquarters 15 years ago. This has left many of the new features for telecommunications lacking and not integrated with the customer service database to improve call management efficiency. The generic system was acquired from a service provider who is now out of business.

Policies for personal devices are being ignored by many of the executives who have local administrators install the clients on their unsupported, non-standard personal laptop computers and workstations that interface with the internet.

The original WAN was designed in the early 2000s and has not been upgraded. During peak periods, usually between September and March, the capacity is insufficient for the organization resulting in lost internet customers which further reduces growth and revenue.

Telecommunications works through a limited Mitel SX-2000 private automatic branch exchange (PABX) that only provides voice mail and call forwarding.
2.3 Warsaw, Poland
This is the largest office based on number of employees, strategically located to assist IDI for major growth in the Middle East and Asia, and the home portal for expansion and geographical client development, yet there is insufficient computing power to stay afloat on a day-to-day basis.

The primary freight forwarding application is almost 10 years old and does not interface with the McCormack dodge accounting and finance system

There are 6 Web servers (4 are primary and 2 fail during clustered load balancing)

The cafeteria sponsors a public wireless network running WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) with no password protection.

Telecommunications is an 8 year old Siemens Saturn series PBX, some of whose features have become faulty.

The desktop phones have not been replaced or upgraded during this time.

There is a lack of separation of duties between the network operations and the accounts receivable department and there is evidence of nepotism and embezzlement.
2.3 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Vendors are unwilling to sign a service agreements.

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