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Question 1 1. 1 Conflict> The practice of recognizing and dealing with disputes in a rational, balanced and effective way. Conflict is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scare resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals. 1. 2 Decision- making > Is the choice of the most suitable way of solving a problem or handling a situation . 1. 3 Communication> Is a means by which the teacher and pupils different needs, feelings and attitudes are conveyed to each other in order to establish cooperation and achieve goals.

1. 4 Motivation> Is the process by means of which motives are provided by, amongst others, a manager or situation in order to bring about certain actions and thus to achieve certain goals. 1. 5 Leadership> Leadership consists of actions that help the group to complete its tasks successfully and maintain effective working relationships among its members. Leadership is a set of skills that anyone can acquire Question 2 2. 1. 1 AUTOCRATIC CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT STYLE When dealing with pupil behaviour the teacher will intervene and try to control the behaviour of the pupils.

The teacher is mainly interested in the pupils completion of tasks and learning performance . Pupils participation in the classroom situation is limited to listening, working and doing. The following are some advantages of this approach: ? Some pupils may feel secure in this kind of situation. ? Because the teacher lays down fixed rules and procedures, pupils know what is expected of them and what they can expect in the classroom. The following are some disadvantages of this approach: ? The classroom atmosphere is characterised by competition, unwillingness to work together and poor discipline when pupils are left unsupervised.

? Creative thinking is suppressed. ? There is no cooperation. ? Pupils may develop a negative attitude towards the subject. 1 Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2 719493 2. 1. 2 DEMOCRATIC CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT STYLE A democratic style of classroom management correlates with an interactive teaching style. This teaching style requires that teachers should have a sound knowledge of their subject and of human nature so that they can encourage their pupils to participate actively and meaningfully in teaching and learning activities.

The control of pupil behaviour in the classroom is jointly controlled by the pupils and the teacher. As a management style it requires the teacher to maintain a balance between the task aspect and the human aspect of the classroom situation. Teaching and learning tasks are completed with the pupils willing cooperation and co responsibility which are the hallmarks of democratic classroom management. The following are some advantages: ? ? ? Pupils participate confidently in classroom activities. It encourages initiative and creativity.

The classroom atmosphere is relaxed, yet productive. ? Pupils feel that they are involved in teaching activities. 2. 2 Five styles of conflict management ? Avoidance: avoiding conflict is a short-term solution because the conflict will not go away. Sometimes, however, avoidance could be a temporary measure to calm emotions. ? Giving in or accommodating: teachers who badly want the pupils to accept them use this style. With this style the real differences are underemphasized. Sometimes teachers have to give in to avoid hostility in the classroom and to ensure that the work can get done.

? Domination: teachers who want to impose their will on pupils use this style. In the long run this style is seldom effective, although teachers sometimes have to dominate. ? Compromise or settle: this style is marked by a search for compromises and settlement. The teacher will try to meet everyone halfway and to let the majority view prevail. Because a settlement might not satisfy everybody, the dissatisfaction could again cause conflict at a later stage. ? Integrate or collaborate: this style is also known as the problem-solving approach.

The parties cooperate in order to find a satisfactory solution. 2. 3 A proper balance between the: task-oriented and the human relations aspects, required in every teaching-learning situation , enables teachers to create a teaching-learning situation with a positive atmosphere. Maintaining a balance between the structural (formal) and human relations (informal) aspects requires a holistic approach to classroom management. The combination and integration of these two dimensions represent the actual structure of the classroom situation, which includes all areas of the teachers management task.

These studies revealed a clear correlation between classroom atmosphere and pupil performance of grade 9 and grade 10 pupils in 12 secondary schools in Ontario as follows: ? Classroom atmosphere has a significant influence on pupil performance. ? Although the personal and social characteristics of pupils are important factors in their school performance, classroom atmosphere is sometimes more important. ? The psychosocial and academic aspects of teaching are interrelated. 2 Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2

719493 ? Variables that relate directly to teaching-learning activities in the classroom have a special, unique influence on pupil performance. The following are the guidelines for teachers to cultivate positive attitudes in their pupils: ? Put the pupils in the centre. ? Respect pupils opinions and treat all pupils respectfully. ? Give pupils a group feeling. ? Help pupils to feel secure in school. ? Make sure that pupils understand their assignments. ? Realise that pupils are children, not adults.

? Deal with individual behaviour problems in private interviews with the pupil rather than in front of the whole class. ? Involve pupils in decision making where appropriate. ? Do not label pupils. 3 Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2 719493 2. 4 CLASSROOM POLICY 1. In all instances, civility and respect for classmates and the instructor are expected. 2. Book bags, briefcases, etc. are not allowed on your desk during class. They must remain on the floor near your chair. 3. You may not use cell phones in class. a. All ringers must be turned off. b.

You may not text message, place or answer calls. c. All earphones, headphones, headsets or any other accessory for your cell phone may not be used in class that means, out of sight and not on your head or in your ear. 4. You may not use any device (for example, IPod, MP3 player) to listen to or view music or other programming in class. 5. You will be asked to leave class if you disregard classroom policy. ATTENDANCE / WITHDRAWAL POLICY 1. Since the course is conducted in a seminar format, your attendance is mandatory. 2. You will sign the Attendance Signature sheet at the beginning of each class.

3. Your class participation points may be reduced from if you are late in class. 4. You may be withdrawn from COS 133 if you are absent from 20% of the class. LATE WORK 1. No late work will be accepted. MAKE-UP QUIZ POLICY 1. There are no quiz make-ups. No exemptions. GRADING POLICY 1. Your grade for COS 133 will be based on the points you accumulate for assignments, quizzes, and class participation. 2. Your grade for COS 133 is calculated as follows: Topic 1. Assignments 2. Quizzes 3. Classroom Participation Weight 30% 55% 15% 4 Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2 719493.

Topic Weight A 94 -100 1. Assignments 30% A- 90 93 2. Quizzes 55% B+ 87 89 3. Classroom Participation 15% B 84 86 B- 80 83 C+ 77 79 C 74 76 C- 70 73 D+ 67 69 D 64 66 D- 60 63 F < 60 1. Assignments = 30 Points ??? COS assignments consist of a variety of activities designed to promote a successful college experience at MCC. Your assignments will consist of reading textbook chapters and answering related exercise questions. In addition, you may be using your MCC student email to submit Web assignments. ??? Assignments are due at the beginning of the class.

However, you may submit your assignments before the due date. ??? Distribution of points are as follows: 10 textbook assignments (3 points each) = 30 points 2. Quizzes = 55 Points ??? Quizzes are based on your chapter reading assignments. o You may use your textbook to answer the questions. However, be well prepared for a very challenging quiz. o If you are late for class and miss the quiz, you will receive a zero for the quiz. ??? Distribution of points is as follows: o 11 textbook quizzes (5 points each) = 55 points 3. Classroom Participation = 15 Points ???

Classroom participation points are earned by behaviors that demonstrate o prompt attendance for class 3 o active listening o positive involvement in small group work o thoughtful contributions during whole class discussions o civility and respect for classmates and the instructor ??? Distribution of points is as follows: o 1 point per week = 15 points o You cannot earn classroom participation points if you are absent. MCC REGULATIONS AND POLICIES Academic Honesty Policy In the academic process, it is assumed that intellectual honesty and integrity are basic responsibilities of any student.

However, faculty members should accept their correlative 5 Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2 719493 responsibility to regulate academic work and to conduct examination procedures in such a manner as not to invite violations of academic honesty. Such violations consist mainly of cheating and plagiarism. For more details regarding MCCs Academic Honesty policy regarding definitions, disciplinary action, and procedure for appeal check the MCC Catalog and Student Handbook or MCC Website. Policy Statement on Sexual Harassment 1.

Monroe Community College strives to recognize human dignity and therefore does not tolerate sexual harassment or any other type of harassment within or connected to this institution. 2. Sexual harassment is illegal and unfairly interferes with the opportunity for all persons, regardless of gender, to have a comfortable and productive education and work environment. 3. We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment and to discipline those who do harass. Code of Conduct The following actions or conducts are prohibited.

1. The obstruction or disruption of any College function or activity, including the classroom instructional environment, administration of the parking program and service functions and activities. 2. The detention, physical abuse or intimidation of any person, or threat thereof, or any 4 conduct which threatens or endangers the health, safety, or welfare of any person on College-owned or operated property or at College-sponsored activities. 3. The use of obscene or abusive language or any other means of

expression, language, or action which may reasonably be expected to provoke or encourage physical violence by other persons. 4. The refusal to obey any reasonable or lawful request, order, or directive of a College public safety officer, a teacher, College administrator, or any other identified representative of the College. MCC LEARNING CENTERS 1. Monroe Community College has a number of Learning Centers at Brighton (for example, Accounting, Math, Psychology, Writing, the Electronic Learning Center, etc. ) and at Damon (for example, the Integrated Learning Center, Electronic Learning Center, etc.).

2. Learning centers are staffed with instructional personnel and may be equipped with computers and software to assist students. 3. It is recommended that students use the Learning Centers to get additional help with concepts learned in the classroom and with their homework. SERVICES FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES 1. Students with a documented learning difficulty should make an appointment with the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities on the Brighton or Damon Campus to arrange for support services. 2.

All deaf or hard of hearing students should contact the Counseling and Advising Center. 3. You must provide the instructor with appropriate documentation regarding accommodations within the first two weeks of class. EMERGENCY CLOSINGS 1. If the College is closed due to inclement weather or some other emergency, all Rochester area radio and television stations will be notified no later than 5:30 a. m. 2. In addition, the homepage on the MCC website (www. monroecc. edu) will display a message indicating the College is closed. 3. Please do not call the College to avoid overloading the telephone lines.

5 6 Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2 719493 CLASS CANCELLATION To access a list of daily class cancellations, you may 1. Call the Public Safety Department (292-2066) at MCC, press 1 for a list of cancelled classes at Brighton and press 2 for a list of cancelled classes at Damon; 2. Go to the Internet, access MCC, go to the A-Z listing to C for Class Cancellations and see the list of cancellations; 3. Check your student email for a cancellation notice from your instructor 6 COURSE SYLLABUS AGREEMENT Detach and return this signed sheet to Professor Rodriguez.

______________________________________ M00______________________ Students Printed Name Student MCC College ID Number COS 133 Section Number: _________ Semester / Year: _____________ The Course Syllabus 1. The Course Syllabus (course information sheet) is a written legal covenant between you and your professor. 2. It clarifies the professors expectations and your responsibilities. Your professor expects you to meet deadlines for assignments, papers, projects and tests. 3. It is your responsibility to review the course syllabus and clarify any aspect of the syllabus.

Therefore, read it carefully and ask questions you may have about its content. Check the appropriate box. ??? I have read the course information sheet for COS 133 Introduction to College Studies. ??? I understand my responsibilities for this course. I do not have any questions. ??? I do not understand the requirements stated in the COS 133 Course Information Sheet. I will schedule an appointment to discuss my questions with my professor. List your questions for discussion here: ______________________________________ _____________________ Signature Date.

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