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Published: 2020-01-04 05:01:33
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And you stare at it happen, as it happens right in front of you, and say no. Just, no. It cant work out like this. Its not supposed to end like this. In what kind of fucked up story does the bad guy win? In what kind of story does the victim end up in disbelief that she never got the justice she deserved. Thats when you realize youre the villain. But no, the other persons not innocent either, theyre the villain too. Theyre worse than you, but youre still the villain, because you let it get this way. Everythings your fault. And you hate everyone. And you hate yourself.

And you hate everything. And your so filled with hate that you just want to end it all. And then you realize that if you do that, youll be hated even more, and that realization makes you hate them more, and theres just so much fucking hate and no way to end it. And that hate turns into sorrow and confusion and pointlessness, and its endless really. And its as blunt as I just put it because theres no other way to express yourself lyrically when youre that upset. And in all the hate you feel homicidal, suicidal, maniac, and repulsive. And theres no way out.

And theres no one to help you, because youre too embarrassed to share these repulsive feelings with anyone but yourself. And youre your only companion, but it doesnt matter because youre used to it being that way. And youre shaking, shivering, bawling in your loneliness, not feeling sorry for yourself like your accused of but hating yourself. No. It cant be like this, the villain doesnt feel this way. But the victim doesnt hate this way. And you find the devils in your thoughts, and youre nothing but a victim of yourself. And the cycle of hatred¦ it starts again.

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