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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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When you think of abortion, the first thing that comes to mind is the death of an unborn child. Trying to identify all possible sides of the issue of abortion is a difficult task. Choosing a side is even harder. Although abortion issues are not recognized and discussed any longer, it is still a serious matter and continues today. The research that has been done on the sensitive subject of abortion has been going on for quite some time now. The Definition of Life In the dictionary, abortion regularly defined as removing a fetus or an embryo from the uterus to end a pregnancy.

When completing research this past week, I found out that when abortions were first starting out, they were only performed on women who were not capable of carrying a child or the fetus was incapable of surviving. Now, women are given the choice to carry, give the child up for adoption or having an abortion no matter what the situation is. The Issues of Abortion There are plenty of health risks and issues that come along with abortion. One woman from an unnamed clinic had a partial abortion performed in which half of the baby was never removed. (Rendon, 2002).

Just like any other procedure, abortions come along with not only the physical effects, but also the mental stress of it all. After having my abortion in June of 2005, I was in complete distress. Being in that types of situation made me want to curl up in a small ball and cry all day. Being that I have chosen the topic of abortion, I was gradually trying to observe and view all different sides of abortion. Of course, we have all seen in the news when abortion first became an issue, there were many people pro-life and many others, pro-choice. (Scheidler, 2002).

I still feel that even though abortion is not talked about much today, it is still a serious issue and still continues as the days pass. Which Side Do You Choose? When reading the different articles from ProQuest and seeing how the supporting and differing viewpoints made me feel, I began to take the position as a pro-life supporter. One of the issues I have is with the abortion of fetus after the 24 week period. I feel that if you know in the beginning that you arent going to want to keep the child, then why wait so long for the abortion.

Some babies are able to survive after only twenty-eight weeks of being in the womb. This is another reason I am pro-life. Another issue that I can identify with related to my hypothesis is the religious viewpoint of abortion. Like most people, in whom I have researched upon, feel that abortion is a form of death. We all know that one of the Ten Commandments in The Bible states that thou shall not kill. If death is a sin, then why is abortion legal? The third issue that I have related to abortion is the act of partial abortion.

After reading further on this partial procedure, which I was not to familiar with, I found out that the abortion is only halfway done and the doctor performing finishes killing the fetus. Just thinking about this situation makes me angry because abortion, in my eyes, is already wrong and performing it partially is just as bad. Being a Pro-Life Supporter My position on the issue of abortion is someone who is pro-life all the way. On June 13, 2005, I had an abortion. It was one experience I swore to never have again.

I have a ten month old son now and I am so grateful for him and I am glad that God allowed me to have another child. I was in just getting out of college at the time when I had my abortion. I was young and scared and was not stable enough to bring a child in the world, or so I thought. Women need to realize that they do have a choice in situations like these. Many married couples or women longing for, who are unable to conceive, want to have children. Why not choose to give the gift of an adoption over abortion? At least knowing that a child was not killed and made someone else happy would be a better option.

Adoption can be a good thing for someone not wanting to have a baby that they knew they couldnt raise and support. You Have a Choice Another choice that women have is the option to keep the child. Starting your family is great and what better joy than to bring a baby into the world. Deciding whether to abort or keep the child is a difficult decision when it comes down to it. I know that from past experience, I was not able to really care for a baby the way I am now. I was in college, as an on-campus resident; during my first year when I found out I was pregnant.

Not wanting to put my future in jeopardy, I chose the option of abortion. Personal Experience from the Heart When I first found out that I was expecting, I did not tell anyone but a close friend of mine at North Carolina Central University. She was very excited and was encouraging to me. She gave great influential advice and was there to offer me a helping hand. But, after thinking it over, I decided and knew that this was something that I just could not do. After getting out of school in May of 2005, I began to think about it even more.

Going through the all-day sickness and being tired was no joke. I was really going through and I thought I just could not take it anymore. I talked things over with my cousin and she assured me that everything would be okay. After setting up my scheduled appointment, I felt a sense of relief. I was sad at the same time because I knew that I was killing a life. A few people living around me had seen my pregnancy glow and knew that I was indeed pregnant. But when they did ask, I simply told them no and walked the other way. On the day of my appointment, I was nervous and scared all at the same time.

I was having these mixed feelings go through my mind one after another. I didnt know what to do. When we arrived, I thought about telling my boyfriend and cousin, who traveled with us for support, that I would rather take the three hundred and eighty dollars I was holding in my hand and go buy a crib. I wanted my baby and I didnt want to go through with it. After the procedure was finished, I was escorted to a room where the nurses and staff were in such a good mood and being so nice to me. All I could think was, What did I just do? I could not believe that I had just gone through with the procedure.

I stared in aw looking at these nice nurses who were just so happy when all I could do was cry. Now, looking back on that day, I still feel the hurt and pain of going through that entire day. I know that I felt relief in mind but sorrow in my heart. I am now a proud mother of an eleven month old son and I know that God made me a mother for a reason. Being a mother is the greatest thing that has happened to me and if it wasnt for my son, I dont know where I would be right now. Abortion is indeed a very controversial topic with issues that people do recognize sometimes, but not most of the time.

Yes, there have been plenty accounts of where abortion issues were in papers, but its not as recognized as Paris Hilton goes to jail. This is the type of situation I am discussing. Today, indicating from my research, the number of abortions has increased from the past two decades. Sometimes I feel that women choose abortion because it is the easy way out. You may fail to realize that not only girls, but also boys are very advanced these days. All kids from the age of fourteen and up are sitting at home playing video games and playing with dolls.

More and more pregnancies are happening to girls who havent even reached the age of eighteen. Women never really realize the great joy they have until going through the clinic walls and giving their baby up for a small price. (Rothstein, 1995). This statement is so true because you do not know the great joys of being a parent until you have your own. People everywhere should take a stand to get abortion laws passed so that they will only be performed if necessary. Taking a stand is important because we all stand somewhere in this world. There are many ways to support abortion foundations and groups.

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