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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Adrift is the title I would like to give to the painting I would make. The painting will feature a sailboat several miles from the seashore and seagulls flying across the sky. To create the painting, I will be needing oil paint, a canvass, paintbrushes with varieties of thickness and sizes, a canvass stand and linseed oil. There are several skills that I need to use. These skills include the abilities to create shadows and to make proper color combinations. The duration of the painting process will take about two weeks.

This timeframe shall cover the basic oil painting procedures such as letting the oil paint on canvass dry before painting another layer for the visual objects. It shall also cover the time needed to make certain adjustments or amendments to the painting with regard to its colors and shadows. A majority of the lines that shall be used will include fine curved lines. These lines shall make up most of the sea waves, the sailboat and the seagulls. Due to the nature of the subject of the painting, the predominant shape will be triangles, particularly as regards the sailboat and the sea waves.

Also, the main color of the painting shall be blue. Different hues, values and intensities of the color blue shall be used on the sea and the waves, the seagulls, the sky as well as parts of the sailboat. The image of the distant shorelines shall also be shades of blue. As regards form, the painting shall feature organic forms such as the form of the waves. Needless to say, the painting shall also include geometrical forms particularly the triangle with regard to the sailboat.

The texture of the subjects of the painting shall simulate the smooth gliding of the waves as well as the hardness of the sailboat clashing with the waves. As far as the principle of unity is concerned, the painting shall be made complete by placing the sailboat in the middle of the canvass while the sea waves shall comprise the lower half of the painting. The distant shorelines shall be a little above the middle horizontal section of the canvass. Apparently, emphasis shall be given to the sailboat as well as the sea waves.

The sailboat shall be situation at the center of the canvass. Less emphasis shall be given to the fading distant shorelines. The sailboat shall be larger in proportion as compared to the shorelines so that the effect of distance can be created. That is, the sailboat shall be made to appear closer to the viewers perspective and the opposite shall be of the shorelines. As regards pattern, the sea waves shall be painted in such a way that they reveal several patterns that differ in terms of movement and direction.

Waves proximate to the sailboat shall be in an upward direction to emphasize their collision while waves distant to the sailboat shall be in a seemingly consistent horizontal flow in order to emphasize the lack of external disturbance from other objects. To achieve balance, the horizon line shall be positioned right across the middle line of the canvass. Also, the sailboat shall be painted at the center of the canvass so that it does not alter the weighting of the objects in the painting. Seagulls flying in the light blue sky shall provide a counterbalancing effect to the movement of the sea waves in the lower half of the canvass.

After the painting is done, it should look like this: the predominantly white sailboat is at the center, the sea gulls are flying in the morning sky, the sea waves are moving peacefully in the distance while those close to the sailboat are moving more forcefully, and the horizon line equally divides the upper and lower portion of the canvass. The colors shall be composed of the different hues, intensities and tones of blue. The shadow of the sailboat shall reflect on the sea while the distant shorelines shall appear like a faint sheet of bluish cloth spread from left to right of the painting.

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