A Scherzo A Shy Persons Wishes Analysis Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:27:48
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What is the mood of A Scherzo A Shy Persons Wishes. How is the mood conveyed and what effect does it have on our understanding of the central message of the poem and the writers persona. How effective do you think the poem is?

The mood in A Scherzo a Shy Persons Wishes changes and varies through the poem. Firstly the title has scherzo written which means briskly live music. This shows that the person is very lively but the poem doesnt show it, on the sunny wall out of tip-toe reach. As well tip-toe reach stands out because it shows it is close to going out.

In the poem the word with and whisper is repeated through the poem which this shows alliteration. This gives a whisper feel through the poem which shows that its thinking quietly but title says he is lively. Plus there is internal alliteration. This makes the poem slow down and shows the person is anxious, With the nut in the shell, with the seed in the pod. The again shows that the poem has a lot internal alliteration.

This poem has a flowing mood but lyrical at times. When its flowing its a calm mood like the person is describing the outdoors like it has never seen it, With the wasp in its inner most peach. The lyrical mood shows at times it is a lively showing it is lively which is why scherzo is used for the title, In the woodbines horn with the drunken bee.

All this shows that the person is very lively but in a trapped ready to run out singing and shouting.

Now I will talk about the persona. The poem shows a lot that the person is trapped in an area and cant get out no matter how close it gets to the outdoors, out of tip-toe reach.

As well the poem shoes the persons claustrophobic showing its in a small area which probably shows why it a shy person on the outside but lively in the inside. The title shows this in a clever way because it first says scherzo showing it is a lively person, but then says A shy persons wishes which then explains that its shy but wants to change to a lively person in the outdoors singing and dancing. A quote to show its shy says to be crouched with the beast in its torrid layer shows its stuck in a dark hole but cant gat out.

With the person being stuck he/she is bored which is not what a shy person is like when hes alone but he is. This shows he likes communicating and singing, quiet to lie, and dreamless to sleep. But then at times the person shows he is still a bit shy, With things that are timid, and shy, and free, the next line says Wishing to be, then this changes it all showing he is still shy. But at the end it says Anywhere, anywhere, out of this room! which ends it all saying the person wants to go out and not stay in its timid layer.

All this shows a lively character with a bit of shyness left in him.

The central message in the poem is shown clearly throughout the poem. The central message shows the felling of the person in a strong way. Firstly it talks about nature in a flowing way so it sounds like he/she is describing what it looks like outside. Throughout it continues to describe the outdoors. This gives a calm feeling to the person and shows what he wants to do when he goes out. As well this shows he thinks is lively.

At line 26-29 he says he would be in any of the three examples he/she says and this is backed up by the last line which is Anywhere, anywhere, out of this room! shows that he wants to leave his shyness and become lively, and leave his dark hole behind.

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