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Published: 2019-11-15 21:41:22
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The principal purpose and function of healthcare organizations is to ensure that their services. Above all their duties is geared towards caring for their patients health and emphasize the ability of the organization to serve their patients skillfully and responsibly. Further, they offer different types of services which include medical and behavioral health care services, accordingly, this includes public and community health care programs and in the contemporary scenario, corporate power.

As a matter of fact, it has been stressed in The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization that in order to ensure that a healthcare organization is really doing its task of safeguarding the health of its patients (and not really attracting them to be its client), a health organization should improve the quality of its services (Griffith & White, 2006), which strengthens the argument of harnessing the managerial skills of healthcare practitioners. Moreover, it should also maintain a well-facilitated plant in which the patients are being accommodated.  Given with such instances, it highlights the perception that healthcare organizations are mandated to implement certain administrative methods to meet the mounting complications derived over by societal challenges (Griffith & White, 2006).

One of the cited feasible and efficient techniques in achieving managerial success is proper organization of the activities and the developmental plan of the entity.  It is through the alignment of program objectives that the goals are obtained and prevents the rise of problems which deals with conflicts or miscommunication.

If the programs are aligned well, then the members of the organization shall have a clear vision on what to expect, and oversee necessary changes so as to improve their performance.  Simple logic basically revolves in the verity of the strategy; common problems arise when the organization has no definite goals which lead to disorientation. Similar to that of business entities, healthcare practitioners must also take the challenge of facing the waves of managerial confrontations.


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