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Published: 2020-02-22 01:52:40
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A good citizen is someone who cares for himself by being good to himself and for the country at the same time by casting vote during the time of election, being honest, law-abiding, paying tax regularly, thinking of common good, thinking of the society by leaving a common place clean and following the rules. Let us discuss the above mentioned points in detail to realise the responsibility of a good citizen. Being good to himself! One can be good to himself by being disciplined.

Self-discipline is all about acting according to what your brain tells instead of acting accrding to how your heart feels. Often discipline is equated to loss of freedom, as it often involves sacrificing pleasure, for eg. Violating traffic rules, checking mail when sitting in the class, sleeping for five minutes more than the time set in the alarm, skipping a days work out, eating ice-cream when on diet and things similar to these. Self-discipline is so important in life that it makes you feel very confident when you go by the plans fixed by your brain.

When petty pleasures such as eating icecream when on diet and checking mails plenty times a day are forgone, body gets tuned to abiding by the plans of brain, in return brain will gain a lot of pleasure as the body is in the right track. One can think of great plans and formulate complex agendas when the body is under the fullest control ones brain. Casting a vote! Is it so important to cast vote. Voting in an election is just like donating blood to someone who is urgently in need of it.

The dawn or demise of a nation purely depends on the attitude of every individual of the nation. Voting is the process of selecting a party of interest which shows suitable policies mandatory for the well being of the nation. Voting odes not just stop with casting a vote, in fact casting a vote is the last step in the process. It is the responsibility of every individual to keep a track on the parties in a country just like the shares bought. Only then it will be easy to understand the plans and real intention of the party despite the fancy policies that they share with the public.

Tiny drops of water makes an ocean, so do not forget to vote and as a responsible citizen insist your friends to vote if they refuse to vote. Being honest is bliss; it is not easy to be honest, perhaps not impossible to be honest too. Taming a generation to be honest will help the next generation to be honest naturally. Honesty does not give way to corruption, bribery, injustice and therfore it helps every individual to get the share he deserves. When every individual gets what he actually deserves, the country will be derpived of famine, drought, poverty, terrorism, discrimination and many other evil practices.

Law-abiding is just the practice of abiding by the law, just like how we abide by the words of our parents. Law is nothing but a set of rules based on the code of ethics to assure justice for all. A good citizen should respect the law instead of considering it a hindrance on his way. Any individual who goes by his conscience does not have to be bothered about law. Abiding by law reduces the crime rate and raises the standard of the nation in the international picture. Paying tax can be equated to paying the due respect to parents for taking pains to raising us.

The tax that we pay is always less for the facilities the government provides us with. Imagine a country where there is no government, the country will be devoid of road, transport, justice, food, water and all basic amenities. Survival becomes a struggle for existence whereas now we are able to think of a business and estimate margin. A regular tax payer is helping the government to take care of the basic facilities and services and as well to take care of the people in the downtrodden who are deprived of these basic amenities. Thinking of common good!

Until a particular period of time, there was no concern for the transgenders and they underwent all the ill-treatments on earth. Similary the colors from Africa and other parts of the world were given a bad treatment in U. S. until the Civil Right Act 1964 was enforced. These rectifications in a country did not happen all of a sudden and the radical shift was not an overnights change. People who respected the common good for others fought for it and bought it for them. The best example is Nelson Mandela who spent around 36 years of imprisonment fighting for the colors.

A good citizen can give his share of contribution by not ill treating anybody, respecting the elders, helping others, doing charity work and so on. These petty works promise a lot of satisfaction. Leaving a place clean; a country is the house of a big clan of people. We bear the utmost responsibility to keep it clean as host of the place. A clean atmosphere always arouses pure thoughts and promises a fresh brain. We have done the maximum damage possible to our mother nature; let us at least try to keep our country clean, so that let our next generation inherit the discipline of taking care of the country after us.

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