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Published: 2020-02-07 11:10:18
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After analyzing my performance in a football match I was able to notify and identify my strengths in a game and how these had a positive effect on my performance. I have good awareness and I am also capable of running up and down the right wing to make and receive passes. Also allowing me to make successful crosses into my opponents area. I have good all over body strength and can use it to stop a defender from tackling me.

I can dribble the ball in different directions and keep control of it then I am able to look up and make a successive pass to a team mate in the goal area and have an increased opportunity of scoring goals to win the match. I always dribble the ball with two feet allowing me to move inwards or outwards so I can confuse my opponents the I put my self into a passing or shooting position very quickly. I also try to use my voice as much as possible and try to communicate with my other team mates and tell them to either pass or shoot the ball.

When I am in danger I am able to pass to a near by team mate or clear the ball from my teams half into my opponents half which can be difficult at certain times. I am also able to header the ball or volley the ball into my opponents goal when one of my team mates crosses the ball into my opponents goal area. I have a lot of speed and strength which can be useful in matches and is an appropriate fitness level at certain ages. I may have a lot of strengths but I do also have a lot of weaknesses in attacking and defending.

When a through ball pass is made past a defender for me to run to I am sometimes not quick enough to get to it or I do not react quick enough to receive the ball. As a result the ball either goes of the pitch or my opponents team defender gets to the ball before me which can reduce my teams chances of scoring goals to win the match. In certain goal scoring opportunities I have the eagerness to move and make a hard shot but my shot accuracy is very of target and sometimes goes of the pitch or the goal keeper saves it.

I am sometimes not in a ready position to receive the ball and seem to make poor contact with the ball when it has been passed or crossed to me. As a right midfielder I need to take advantage of these opportunities and score for my team to win. Into the end of the first half of the game I seem to show weakness in my stamina and seem to be out of breath quite quick. My body feels very exhausted when I finish running up and down the wing and I am unable to move around the wing area quick as I use to move before.

When we lose the ball or possession I sometimes walk back on defence instead of running back to try and tackle the attacker with the ball or help my defenders get the ball back. When my team are taking a corner kick I seem not to be moving around the area so I can get the opportunity to jump up and header the ball into my opponents goal. I have a low shot power in my left foot and hardly use my left foot in matches which could be a big help in certain situations

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