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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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I found 7-Day Detox Miracle, to be a wonderful tool in learning how to detoxify the human body. This book reveals some great information that I feel will be highly beneficial for myself as well as for my clients in my future practice. It saddens me that detoxification is rarely talked about in the medical world today and that so many ailments and diseases could be greatly improved, if not healed, simply by an effective detoxifying program.

What I have come to learn is that during detoxification you are aiding and enhancing the bodys natural process of healing itself by giving it proper nutrition, rest, supplements, and movement (exercise). To begin a successful detoxification experience, it is imperative that one must identify the source(s) of toxicity. Of course food is a large contributor, but there are many hidden sources of toxicity such as food sensitivities, air pollutants, household cleaning products, water, office supplies, cosmetics, heavy metals, and job-related toxins.

Sources of toxicity can be identified by a simple examination of lifestyle. Once these are discovered and identified, they should be avoided as much as possible or replaced by safe, natural, non-toxic products. Our bodies are not designed to handle such an overload of toxins that we expose it to on a daily basis. Continuing on, it is essential that focus is then give to aid the body in circulation, enhance elimination, repair the gastrointestinal system, stimulate the liver, and relieve stress as these are all vital in ensuring that the body is operating at an optimum level.

Proper circulation is important in making sure the cells and organs are receiving enough nutrients and oxygen and that toxins and metabolic wastes are then being carried away from them for elimination. Enhancing elimination and repairing the gastrointestinal system is equally as important to make sure that toxins are not reabsorbed into the blood stream causing even further havoc in the body. As for the liver, it is responsible for cleansing the body of toxins, so you can see the significance in making sure this organ is in top-notch.

Lastly, making sure it is known how to relieve stress is extremely important. If not dealt with, it can actually inhibit the body from naturally detoxifying as well as negatively affecting every organ in the body. Having learned these steps in detail, I will be able to help my clients understand the importance of detoxification and assist them in carrying out these steps effectively. The thing that is great with the 7-Day Detox Miracle is that it is only seven days, so anyone can do it!

The first section explains how one should begin the program and that is by only consuming 8 ounces of (pure, filtered, or spring) water, water with lemon, or herbal tea the first two days. This is great for giving the body a break and cleansing the blood. Then for the remaining 5 days, one must only consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and brown rice, as this ensures maximum digestibility. As the author states Its like eating without eating. While it is explained how to eat on this 7-day program, supplementation is also explained in detail about the suggested vitamins, minerals, and herbs that should be taken.

This greatly enhances the effectiveness of the bodys detoxifying process all while making sure that the body is receiving sufficient amounts of nutrients. The third and last part to the 7-day program is Circulation Therapy. In this section the authors go into detail about the many options available to increase proper circulation such as hydrotherapy, sauna therapy, dry skin brushing, exercise therapy, mind training, yoga, and breathing techniques. These are great, practical options for future clients to participate in.

Like I stated in the beginning, the information in this book will be highly beneficial in my practice with helping clients learn how to care for their bodies and start them on their journey toward optimum health, and optimum health first starts with detoxification. This program is easily broken down into easy-to-understand sections, its generally easy to carry out, its only seven days, and it shows to be highly effective. That is something most people are looking for in an effective detoxifying process, which is why I am looking forward to recommending this to future clients.

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