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Published: 2020-02-06 06:51:16
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Gemstone Shave colours and it is a fact that colour play an important part in our lives. They affect our health, moods, our living style, happiness. The foremost need is to find out what colour suits a person according to this his/her chart. And once that has been known, one can chose the colour of his clothes, curtains, sofa, walls, etc. It is generally experienced in life that bright colours produce happiness and enthusiasmin a person while dull colours cause negative effect and make him dull and morose. They suit only serious minded persons who are indifferent to luxuries of life and comforts of living.

Colours react in different ways on different persons. Some particular colours may cause tension to some but the same colour may give relief to the other person. But some colours give pleasure and happiness or encouragement to almost everybody. They enthuse gaiety, warmth, joy, love and affection, harmony and encouragement to struggle in life and reach a place of comfort and luxury. Each colour is associated symbolically with something. Take the example of white colour. It stands for peace, purity, nobility and innocence. Black colour denotes sympathy for the aggrieved.

Yellow stands for warmth and light blue and green for repose and peace. Red colour signifies vigour, energy, youthfulness and dash. Even in ancient times it was believed that colours have a close relationship with human ailments and their curves. Today science and psychology acknowledge that colour does affect our mental state. What more, more than fifty per cent of the physical ailments find their roots in ones mental state. On the very basis astrologers recommend various gem stones to cure ailments based on their colours. Colours are linked to our emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual side.

Specific reactions to different colours have an abstract power to influence and govern our destiny as every colour gets a certain response from an individual. To be successful in life, to acquire name and fame, power and wealth, these colours have to be in tune with or in the same wavelength with the nature of the individual. Astrology tells us that the sun signs are divided into four categories fiery (fire), earthy (earth), Airy (air) and Watery (water). All of the four signs have their own characteristics and they are influenced by the planets and their movements in different manners.

Their ill effect can be removed or neutralised through proper use of astral method, one of them being the correct use of colours and gems. This practice of treatment of diseases is now universal. In the Capital itself of this country there existed a very well-known hospital where patients of even Cancer were being treated with the use of colour and light. In modern times colour therapy is being widely used. Given below are a few examples of its use : There have been instances when premature children used to get afflicted with jaundice.

In such cases their blood had got to be replaced by a fresh one. The latest therapy is to penetrate blue light into the body. In the state-of-the-art operation theaters ultraviolet rays of the sun are used to clean the air. The colour therapy has proved quite useful in skin diseases. Blue and purple colour of skin indicates lack of oxygen in blood or diseases of hearts or lung. The yellow colour of the skin indicates lack of B12 vitamin. Similarly, dark red skin shows the presence of too much carbon mono-oxide in the body.

The famous scientists Samyon and Valentine Kirliyan have already proved that there exists a universal energy force around us and that there is one more body close to our physical body which can be seen with efforts. Our saints and seers were very well aware of the existence of that body. It was the Theosophical Society of India that attached greatest importance to colours. According to the society that astral body is surrounded by a bright cover which displays different colours. Those colours, if one can see them, reveal the attributes of the physical body.

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